How To Upgrade Your Home Design When You Need a Refresh



Even if you absolutely love your home, every space could use a refresh every once in a while. Whether you’re looking to make some simple changes or are ready for more extensive renovations, consider a few easy ways you can upgrade the space in which you live.

Rearrange Furniture

You can update your home design without spending any money at all. A different furniture layout can make a room feel brand new. Try out a few designs before settling on the one that you like the best. 

You could also potentially swap the furniture between the two rooms. For example, if you would prefer to have a view of the backyard from your office but your bedroom currently facing in that direction, try changing the rooms. When there’s a little extra money in the budget, purchase some decorations to really enhance the new spaces.

Add More Rooms

Adding more rooms might sound like a gigantic, expensive project, but there are simpler ways to create the appearance of additional space. A room divider could turn a robust family room into both a living space and an office. For a more extensive project, consider the addition of wall frames to create a separate space. Additional walls can split rooms or create barriers to separate spaces. This can create space for an office or craft room or even a reading nook.

Additionally, using wall frames instead of temporary dividers allows you to decorate the room like you would a separate space. Ensure that ventilation and temperature control are available in both rooms so that you can be comfortable in each room year-round.  If you don’t have space for dividing it with walls, the completion of a total renovation to add more space to the house.

Organize the Space

Getting some fun organizers can help you to have a cleaner, roomier living space. Consider how some storage units add design features as well. For example, you could choose a new ottoman that has storage space or a chic shoe rack that blends in with the decor of the foyer. On top of adding a stylish new piece to the house, you’re also finding a home for all of those magazines and flip-flops.

Paint the Room

A fresh coat of paint can transform the entire vibe of a room. You might choose a tranquil and aquatic shade of blue to create a beach-themed living room. If you want a rustic feel in the dining, opt for orange or brown color. Choosing a shade of lavender for the bedroom can help you to more peacefully and more into a state of slumber each night. 

Once the space is painted, you can choose decorations and embellishments to enhance the new vibe. Whether you’ve been living in your home for a long time or a short while, the space may be in need of a refresh. The options for upgrading your home range from pricey to entirely free, so you can find a plan that works for your budget.


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