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You don’t necessarily need a huge renovation budget for a modern bathroom makeover, as long as you have a few designers tricks up your sleeve. It basically comes down to knowing how to use the right colours and play with materials, patterns and accessories to produce a gorgeous and stylish bathroom. A classic modern design can surprisingly stand the test of time, and the downscaled aesthetic can be impressive when done properly. Opposite to what some people might think, modern spaces are far from cold and character-less, and with the help of the following design tips, you can turn your bathroom into an inviting modern retreat.

Use White and Greys for Elegance

White surfaces are a perfect backdrop for a simple and modern bathroom design. Paint the walls in light neutral paint colour and use white bath linens to create a luxurious hotel bathroom style. Even a small and simple bathroom can look more expensive if you spring for high-quality white towels and rugs. Pair these with neutral ornaments and accessories to lock in the look.

Grey is another shade that has lately been popular in the design industry as the new go-to bathroom colour. The reasons for picking grey for your bathroom are clear – grey is soothing, elegant and easily combined with other colours. If combined with beige, you get a warmer tone called greige that can prevent your bathroom from looking cold. This colour perfectly complements wood elements such as vanities, trims or floating shelves. With the help of some lighting and accessories, you can produce a high-end grey bathroom look.

Keep It Sleek and Streamlined

Modern design is characterized by minimalism, clean lines, sleek and streamlined look, so replacing your old tub with a floating one would be the ultimate modern look. With a bold, graphic wallpaper in the background, your bathroom will be striking but still calming to the eye. If you prefer a shower, go for a frosted glass panel that separates the wet and dry sides of the bathroom, but keep it open. Such a design is minimal and clean-lined, but with a few wood accents, it won’t look sterile or stark.

Replacing a tub or building a whole new shower is a great design project as it also gives you the opportunity to examine all the pipes and taps and determine if there are any cracks or leaks. Leakages and cracked pipes are annoying and can interfere with your daily life, and if neglected, they can create costly damage. Seize the opportunity while doing your makeover to hire an experienced plumber from North Shore to take care of any issues that may arise. In this way, you can rest assured that your fixtures and plumbing system will be resolved and you’ll be able to enjoy your new bathroom worry-free.

Create an Art-Inspired Space

Modern style and artistic look go hand in hand, so play with the design until you get the look that pleases your eye. For instance, don’t use neutral and plain tiles. For an artsy look, install glass tiles as a backsplash and top it all off with a unique mirror. Match towels, baskets and other accessories to these colourful tile details for a fun look.

Go for a Spa Vibe

Minimalistic looks with simple colours and materials are ideal for spa-inspired bathrooms because of their calming qualities. Create a spa vibe with a simple monochromatic colour scheme but don’t think it has to be just neutrals. Different shades of blue or green can also be super relaxing. Begin by choosing a soothing colour you like and add its darker and lighter shades by layering them to create more dimension and depth.

Include Luxurious Wood Accents

Use wood as a decorative element in your bathroom because it will add a relaxed vibe to the space. It could be a wooden horizontal wall design such as you see in saunas at high-end resorts, a floating vanity with built-in lighting at the bottom or a pair of floating shelves with natural decor accents to complete the calming look.

Mix Styles

Finally, don’t be afraid to mix different styles. A little bit modern with a bit of industrial flare can add richness and dimension to your bathroom. The aforementioned vanity with clean lines and open space underneath covered with a plush blue rug will look like a modernist’s dream! Take any traditionally modern element and give it a fresh twist – you just might be pleasantly surprised at how pleasing it can look!

Renovating a bathroom is among the most expensive home improvement projects coming only second to kitchens, but as these clever design tips demonstrate, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a gorgeous modern bathroom with all the amenities where you’ll be to unwind every day.

Even so, make sure you set a budget and stick to it. Budgeting may not be easy, but you can start by identifying variables that can change bathroom renovation costs. The bathroom size is a factor to consider. Typically, a half bathroom, or a bathroom that contains only a sink and a toilet, is significantly cheaper than a standard bathroom. Do you want to save more? Get an easy-to-install toilet. You can do away with hiring a contractor since you can do the installation yourself.

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