How to Use Hair Wax for Different Women’s Hairstyles



Hair wax has been a bit neglected in recent years when it comes to hair care, even though it can contribute greatly to taming your hair. From giving it better locks and a more defined look to putting frizz under control, hair wax can do wonders for your hair. If you’d like to go back to hair wax use or maybe start applying it for the first time, we’ve got a few tips to help you out.

Hold Your Style With Wax

Hair wax is a great product to use for quick everyday hairstyles because it’ll work its magic without much fuss. Hair wax will also help you
add more texture to your hair and boost your hair’s thickness. One way to use it to your advantage is to apply it on dry hair. That will help you hold your style in place or define certain parts of your hair. You can easily define your hair with only a pea-sized ball of wax. Make sure you warm it up with your palms to make the application much easier. Don’t take more than just a pea-sized amount because that can contribute to your hair looking oily and heavy instead of nicely defined.

Rather than taking too much product at once, layer it on if need be by applying it bit by bit. By rubbing your palms together, you’ll make the product warm, pliable and much easier to apply. It should look transparent on your palms before you start styling your hair with it. All you need to do next is apply a thin layer on the surface of your hair without running the fingers through it. Wax works best for achieving slick, messy and bedhead styles.

Short Hair Will Look Great Too


One of the perks of hair wax is that it can be restyled easily enough. If you have short hair, you’ll get the desired hairstyle easily with, again, only a pea-sized ball of wax. While wax won’t work on wet hair, you can, however, make it damp by spritzing a bit of water on it to use the wax then. You can easily get the softer looking spiky style by using the
best hair styling wax on damp hair. Just as with dry hair, rub the wax over your palms evenly and distribute it on the hair by starting from the nape of your neck. Then starting moving your way up and work the fingers through the hair to separate it into spikes.

Wax Will Transform a Layered Bob and Pixie Cut Nicely

If you have a layered bob, you know how difficult it can be to tame every little strand of hair sometimes. That’s where wax comes in. It will allow your loose hair to go straight back in line and look fabulous. Apply a coin-sized drop of wax on mid-lengths after warming it up between your palms. If you want to add a bit of bounce, feel free to scrunch your hair afterward. Once you blow-dry your hair, wax can help you create a more defined look on a shoulder-length bob as well. For pixie cuts, apply wax on the front part of your pixie cut. You can make a nice quiff if you style the hair in an upward motion. 

Style French Braid With Wax

Braiding clean hair makes it look more voluminous but it can be quite a hassle if the hair strands keep slipping away. That’s why applying wax is so great. It will give your hair grip and make braiding much easier. You’ll easily make a nine strand braid,
French braid, and dutch braid without much fuss if you only spritz a little bit of wax on your hair before you start working with it. If you have fine hair, apply wax next to the roots and use a blow dryer to finish off the style. 

From styling long hair to making your pixie cut and bob look stunning, hair wax will take your hairstyle to an entirely new level. Just be sure you don’t apply it to wet hair but wait until it’s damp or preferably completely dry. Always layer up the product instead of using a large amount of it, to make sure you get the desired look without adding weight to your hair and making it look unsightly.


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