Beautiful Destinations To Consider for Your Post-COVID Recovery



With the pandemic outburst and the lockdowns, people could not think about travelling for a long time. With more people being vaccinated, it looks like we can finally plan our next trip. Although the travel restrictions haven’t completely been relaxed, the entire world feels within reach again. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t been sick, one way or another. If you’re planning a holiday, perhaps you should consider destinations that are not too crowded. Here’s a somewhat short list of places you can visit for your body and soul’s post-COVID recovery. 

Naxos, Greece

A real jewel, Naxos is an island that lies roughly midway between Mykonos and Santorini in the Aegean Sea. It offers a wonderful, less-crowded alternative to its neighbouring isles, which draw a lot of tourists. You can take a stroll on its white-sand beaches, through miles of olive trees and vineyards, explore the many hiking and biking paths, visit ancient sites, and take in the sun and beach. 

Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is utterly captivating with its unique rock formations, emerald mountains, dramatic sea cliffs that reach the beach, a great number of waterfalls, and its spectacular landscape. Few tourists ever visit this remote location because it lacks common tourist attractions. No wonder this is the perfect place to recuperate and recharge.

Coast of Montenegro 

Montenegro’s coastline is dotted with picturesque beach towns and villages, each special in its own way. The options are numerous, from the bustling seaside city of Budva to the more isolated rustic places. Visitors can explore the ancient town’s ruins and enjoy its many unspoilt landscapes, national parks, and lakes, while staying in modern villas in Bar, Montenegro in the renovated structures. Just pick whatever works best for you. 


It goes without saying that Switzerland offers some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth including numerous stunning lakes, mountain peaks, villages, towns, and mountain passes. Whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong. Try Lago di Saoseo, Sigriswil, Grabenmühle, or Flims, just to name a few. 

English Countryside

The English countryside is filled with exquisite possibilities, whether you’re looking for a village, a peaceful beach town, or a historic home. Explore the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales, stay in a charming East Sussex village inn, travel on Devon and Somerset’s historic trains, or take in the breathtaking Peak District. The English countryside is truly revitalising for all senses and where you can get inspired every day. 

Hvar, Croatia

In the centre of the Adriatic Coast sits a tiny tourist island called Hvar. From its historic brick wall to its Golden age cathedral to its vivid and fragrant lavender field, it has famous locations for travel photos. So, if you prefer not to share your personal space with throngs of visitors and paparazzi while still taking advantage of Croatia’s charms and treasures, your solution is Hvar. There are various ways that your getaway could be therapeutic. 

Chitrakoot in India

India ranks among the nations with the highest density of people. However, Chitrakoot is unique. This area is a fantastic choice for you to visit if you want to learn about India’s incredibly rich culture without having to deal with crowded spaces. That’s where locals go to get some peace and tranquillity away from the bustle of major cities nearby where the scenery is truly amazing. 

Finland’s Lapland

In the summer, you might try this location as Lapland is less well-known than other Scandinavian holiday destinations because of its isolation. Nature and wildlife are beautiful in Lapland, Finns are hospitable, and it’s quite distant from bustling urban areas. The possibilities here are fantastic for outdoorsy people as well. In the summer, you can see the magnificent and spectacular Aurora Borealis Northern Lights and 24-hour daylight here. Truly amazing! 

There are still plenty of beautiful places for people who would love to get away and see the world but would prefer not to deal with large groups of people. Just pick one which suits you as you unwind and enjoy. After all, this is what relaxation is all about. 


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