Life is a lesson life is a game
Reap the rewards or suffer the pain
Pay close attention to what is inside
Seek all the answers for they too will hide
Put in the work and witness the gain
Make no momentum and noticed the same
Be very careful in what you believe
For it will determine all things you achieve

Choose very wisely the thoughts that you think

All things in the future for they are the Link
Dance to the music and play by the rules
Join in the party and follow the fools
Follow agendas that keep you asleep
Watch with amazement the ones who will reap
Nothing is random nothing by chance
All is in order Life will advance

Every tomorrow starts with today

Always a dream and always a way
Careless decisions and all things you do
The habits you form will soon become you
Treat others kindly watch what you say
For this is your life and this is your way


Prescott Ellison

CEO at Ellison Lifestyle Group
Prescott Ellison is a musician turned entrepreneur. He invented The Body Bench and The Superfood Friends to provide more effective solutions to families and individuals who want to improve their health in order to sustain a better quality of life.
Prescott Ellison

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