Awake and Still Restless



Restless and awakened

Full hearts, empty nights

Laying here tired

Feelings in disguise.


Thoughts of what will be

What was, and what is

The silence is peaceful

Our timing, dismissed.


Resting, yet happy

Emotions breaking in

Discovering your tremble

My dreams are full of sin.


Feeling you near me

Toes touching mine

No sound, it’s so quiet

When you’re not around.


Missing you daily

Forever is near

Think of you only

So don’t shed a tear.


Our nights were so madly

But now they’re so clear

Baby let’s do this

I’m in, and sincere.


A life we will make

A deep breath, we must take

A moment to feel

That our love is awake.


Jolted by sweetness

The jitters go away

Jealousy exits

Our path is this way.


You talk to me gently

So different, sincere

Set out on this journey

A new stable frontier.


Walking now slowly

Where peace fills the air

Holding hands tightly

Who cares if they stare.


Loving, it’s tender

It’s warmth, it’s divine

Keeps us together

These feelings are mine.


Whispering in the moonlight

A kiss on my cheek

The clock is now turning

Beginning this week.


Awake and still restless

The room surrounding me

Thinking of Autumn

The fall, and the leaves.


Memories will fade

Darkness withers away

The light is now shining

It’s a beautiful day.





Anne Cohen
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