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Dealing with termites can be a headache, but what about if you are trying to find a way to do it without harming the environment or your family? Simple, actually. Termites have been affecting home structures and wood for so long that there is a lot of information available on how to properly deal with and remove termites from your house in a natural way. The benefit of removing termites naturally is that it is done in a way that is safe, but also effective.

Natural pest removal is a safe alternative, but it is also crucial to tackle your termite problem as quickly as possible before they cause any more unnecessary damage to the wood structure inside your home. If you are looking for good natural ways to deal with these pests, then check out these tricks and tips.

Exposing Termites to Sunlight

Easily one of the most effective, and most natural, ways to deal with termites is to introduce as much natural sunlight into your home as you can. You probably noticed
termite damage in the forms of termite holes located in your crawl space, basement, or other damp, cold, dark areas of the home. Termites like this damp environment to help form colonies, and it leads to a big increase in their population and the damage they can cause. Simply using UV lights in these damp spaces, or exposing termites who have infested specific pieces of furniture can remove them from your home.

Using Nematodes

Nematodes are a type of worm that feasts on pests like termites. These parasitic creatures are tiny but effective, and they will not cause any harm to you or your home. All that you have to do is release them into the area where you believe is the most infested with termites, likely where the colony is spawning, and the nematodes will do the work for you. No mess, no fuss. The nematodes are, as mentioned, very tiny so they pose no risk to your family, kids, dogs, etc. You can even use the leftover ones for your garden or soil in your yard.

Home Remedies

Vinegar as a defense against termites is surprisingly useful. You may have read about its combination with water as a treatment for pet-related messes on carpets or rugs, but you can use it in a similar way to fight termites. Using a spray bottle of vinegar, and roughly half lemon juice, you can spot-treat the termite dense areas. The acidity of vinegar and lemon will kill the termites on contact because they cannot handle it, and help keep these areas protected. It should be noted that continued use is important, as termites will try to reclaim their territory, but you can simply keep using this method until you get your desired results.

Clear Out Mulch Around Your Home

Mulch, which is often found in gardens as soil or wood chip-based, can be a primary cause for termites being attracted to your home. This material is also wet and has a cellulose base which is why termites are so fond of it. By removing it, you can stop the termites from coming and help you deal with any stragglers. Even if it is the base of your garden, there are many options that are much less likely to attract termites, like a rock. This can also be done as a preventative measure so you do not end up getting a termite infestation in the first place.

Even More Home Remedies

Cardboard is something that you certainly have around your home, so all you need to do is get it wet and use it as a lure for termites. Termites like water and cellulose, so the dissolving cardboard attracts them much like damp wood in your home does. This bait can attract the termites, which lets you see how bad your pest problem may be. After disposing of this cardboard; burning it, exposing it to sunlight, or spraying it down with the vinegar solution, you can then do it again and again until you feel that you have eliminated them all.

Removing termites from your home is a priority once you discover them. They can wreak havoc on the structure of your home, wood, and furniture. The best thing about dealing with termites is that there are a lot of easy, DIY solutions that are natural, environmentally friendly, and safe for you and your family. These tips and tricks here are all very simple, but very effective and will ensure that these pests think twice before getting into your home.


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  1. Thanks for the tip that decluttering is one of the ways to avoid termites in my home. I’d like to hire a termite pest control service soon because I found a small mound in my attic recently. Maybe I should start throwing out my old cardboard boxes because that might be something the pest control experts would tell me anyway.

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