6 Outdoor Adventures to Make You Feel Alive



If you have started feeling like you are just going through life’s motions, plan a lively outdoor adventure. After your trip, you will discover that you feel alive again, and you will be more motivated to live life with gusto.

1. See the Northern Lights While Camping in Alaska

Called the last frontier, you will love the natural beauty of Lower Chatanika State Recreation Area in Alaska. Consider pitching a tent by Olnes Pond to
see the aurora borealis. You are more likely to see the magnificent sight of the northern lights flashing across the sky at this location because of its position on the auroral oval. Improve your odds even more by traveling between late September and early March, but be sure to prepare for winter camping conditions. Bring along your fishing gear as Olnes Pond to catch rainbow trout and arctic grayling.

2. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best-known diving spots in the world because of its healthy corral and large fish. The availability of many dive spots means that most divers can find a secluded place to dive along it, but one of the best is the SS Yongala Wreck. On March 23, 1911, this ship sunk, and it was not discovered until 1958. It is one of the most intact historic ships to be resting on the ocean floor. This 350-foot-long ship is home to barracudas, rays, eels, sea snakes, and sea turtle. Consider planning your adventure in November or December, when you may see humpback whales, Minke whales, and whale sharks.

3. Climb Mt. Everest in Nepal

While you will need to plan your Mt. Everest adventure to start about May 15, when the conditions are most favorable, you can climb Mt. Everest if you are in excellent physical condition. You can choose to climb from Tibet or Nepal, but most prefer the southern route because it is less expensive.

Prepare to be away from home for at least eight weeks, including spending at least two weeks at base camp while your body acclimates to the altitude. You will also need a guide and outstanding equipment if you plan to be one of the approximately 800 people who attempt the climb annually.

4. Swim at Victoria Falls in Zambia

Victoria Falls is over one mile wide and over 354 feet tall. Most of the year, the water flows over the falls rapidly. Adventure seekers will want to plan a vacation here from September to December when you can swim to the edge of the falls and peer over its edge. The government limits swimming in this area, called Devilโ€™s Pool, to 12 people at a time and 80 people during a day. You can also bungee jump over the falls, ride a giant swing out over the water, or take a micro-flight over the falls.

5. Witness the Great Migration in Tanzania

The Great Migration occurs throughout the year, but July is the best time to go. Researchers are not sure what starts the annual Great Migration cycle. Some say animals are born with the knowledge, while others say that the animals are following new grass growth. Still, others say that the animals can sense the rain and feel the need to get out of the way. Regardless, you will want to be near the Mbalageti and Grumeti Rivers.

Some recommend that you go in April when you may see up to 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,00 zebra, and many types of antelope moving. You will encounter fewer crowds during July. See the babies that were born in January and February attempt to escape the hungry Nile crocodiles in the river and the prowling lionesses waiting on the riversโ€™ banks.

6. Go Rafting in California

The Kern River cuts across 150 miles of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It offers a great whitewater rafting adventure, regardless of your ability level. The upper river offers the most challenging rapids, while the lower river provides great rafting adventures for the whole family. In addition to getting exercise,
Kern River rafting allows you to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, Sequoia National Forest and San Joaquin Valley. At this river located about three hours north of Los Angeles. Additionally, you can set the length of time that you want to raft from a two-day camping trip to a short half-day adventure.

Plan your next outdoor adventure, and feel the joy of feeling alive once again. You will return more motivated than ever before to accomplish things in your life after communing with nature.


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