Nifty Around the House? 4 Tips for the DIY Handyman Homeowner



The frugal handyman is a happy homeowner. Working on projects around the house saves money, gives you a fun hobby, and increases your connection to your residence. There are always things to fix around the house, so here are a few tips to help you work smarter instead of harder.

1. Save Time on Painting Doors

Doors go through a surprising amount of paint damage, especially if you are a homeowner with kids. The number of times a poster or sign tears paint off a door is extraordinary. Even if you donโ€™t have children, doors go through an astonishing amount of wear and tear. This damage is why it is a popular homeowner project to update them with a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, painting doors are trickier than it seems.

Leaving it connected to the frame requires painting skills to avoid dousing the door frame. However, when most people remove the door, they lay a tarp underneath the door and start painting it. The problem with painting the door this way is you will have to wait for one side to dry before starting on the other side.

A quick and easy fix to this is buying three lag screws. Put one lag screw in the center of the top edge of the door. Place the other two on opposite edges near the bottom corners. Now, you can prop the door onto two sawhorses. This set-up allows you to paint one side, flip the door over, and paint the other side without waiting as long.

2. Tricks to Fix the Air Conditioning

The air conditioning unit is essential to the home, especially in hot weather. Here are a few quick tricks to fix it. Most of the time, you can fix the air conditioning by consistently changing the filter. A clogged-up filter will often reduce or even stop the effect of the air conditioning unit. Another tip is to check the unit for ice. If it has frozen over, it will not run properly. Run only the fan to help the ice melt faster.

Finally, the truth is that sometimes it is best to call a professional. An air conditioning unit is an expensive and tricky machine. Sometimes it is not safe or advisable to try to fix it yourself. In these cases, make sure to call an air conditioning contractor. Air conditioning contractors are specialized and can get the job done quickly.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Light Switches

Here is a quick tip to help you navigate your home in the dark. It is a useful trick for emergencies when the power goes out and for trying to find the bathroom without turning on the lights at night. Get some glow-in-the-dark paint and paint your light switches. You can only paint the switch itself or paint its entire foundation. Either way, most glow-in-the-dark paint will not appear like paint when the lights are on, so this is a subtle, clever, and non-obtrusive home improvement.

4. Use All the Paint in the Can

One of the essential tools of a nifty handyman homeowner is paint. There are always things that must be repainted to maintain the general upkeep of the house. However, what often happens is that partly used paint cans begin piling up. Some people throw them out to save space, while others sacrifice a large section of the garage to store them. However, a better solution is to take the cans and mix them. Even if the paint has bits of plaster, do not throw it out. Mix it all and put that mixture into a power mixer. The power mixer will blend all the paints thoroughly. Now you can use the blended paint as it is if you like the color.

Alternatively, you can get another can of paint similar to the color of the mixture and lighten and darken it to fit your preferences. If there are bits of debris in the paint, use a strainer to get rid of them. At the end of this entire process, use a paint can with a secure lid to keep it fresh. This trick is a fantastic way to consolidate all of your partially used paint and save it for future use.

Even the best handyman homeowner needs new ideas, so it is always a good idea to think about new ways you can improve your home. Likewise, even the best handyman homeowner may need help sometimes, so be sure to call a professional when you need them.


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