Parenting 101: When You Should Start Reading With Your Child



Babies are precious (and often precocious), and while they are very young, reading with and to them can seem fruitless. After all, they can barely speak. According to research, when you introduce your infant to reading early, they will have incredible benefits. So, it is never too soon to familiarize your baby with books and reading. Parents should have a regular schedule of reading in their child’s routine. However, make sure that you choose age-appropriate material so that they can understand the information read or be introduced to the content in the right way and at the right time.

The benefits of early literacy are immeasurable, and they include the following:

Preparation for Future Reading and Behavior

Although the infant may not understand what you are reading, they will get other aspects of the story. The stories you choose will influence how the child sees themselves and the world around them. It’s very common for children to mimic the behavior that they see, so just like they will mimic you reading the book, they will also mimic the behaviors of the characters in the media that they are exposed to. The child also benefits from the verbal intonation and rhythms of the words as you read them, helping them understand the differences in tone and positive or negative behaviors. This can assist him/her in the future to interact effectively with others in society.


Parents get to bond with their babies in a unique way when they read to them. According to research, the voice of their parent provides a soothing platform for the baby. Additionally, the infant also gets to gain an attachment to the parent by getting used to their voice as they read.

They Will Learn to Enjoy Reading

Currently, digital media has overtaken reading. Many people find reading mundane and routine, and they prefer watching movies instead. However, when you introduce your child to reading during their formative years, they are likely to enjoy it later in life. Additionally, it will make them ferocious information seekers. Research shows that reading and literacy are one of the primary factors that determine success later in life.

Introduces Them to Emotions

As you read to your baby, you evoke emotions in them. Make sure you vary your voice as you introduce new concepts and characters. When you accompany this with facial expressions, they will familiarize the child with suitable sentiments. It will also develop the social side of the child. According to specialists, telling a baby a story through reading expresses specific sounds that you will find in the book. Therefore, this will assist the baby in identifying them in real life.

Exposes Them to Pictures and Visual Aids

Infants focus on simple shapes and sizes. Therefore, at an early age, your child will focus on them. As they grow older, they will start noticing bright colors, shapes, and letters, and reading will help them associate spoken communication with its corresponding visual meaning. Reading develops this skill in children, and the communication benefits will greatly benefit the child throughout their life.

Brain Power Boost

Statistics reveal that after five years, babies who are read to every day grasp approximately 78,000 words annually. Children whose parents read to them will build a significant vocabulary. Additionally, they also will be able to grasp numbers and math better. Therefore, they get a chance to develop their mastery of language and speaking skills. As a result, when they participate in any competitions or exams, they tend to perform better.

You Can Discover Learning Difficulties Early

Another reason parents should read to their children from the time they are born because it will help them realize if they have any learning difficulties or attention issues. The learning challenges include dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and a visual-motor deficit. Other disorders include auditory processing, nonverbal learning disabilities, and language processing disorders. Learning and attention problems may be inherited, caused by abnormal chromosomes and difficulties while giving birth. The early assessment will push their parents to find appropriate programs and measures like Orton Gillingham training to assist them in managing the disorders. Consequently, they will be able to change the drastic outcome that might emerge from not checking the condition.

When you are purchasing a book or looking for content to read to your child, you should make sure that it is appropriate for your child. Therefore, it should be a suitable length, have the necessary vocabulary and convey the right emotions. Literacy programs are also vital in assisting your child in developing long-term reading skills. By starting early and reading at their pace, you can set them on a path of success. Don’t be afraid to start reading to your children early.


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