Why the Way That You Raise Your Children Matters



I’m sure that at times, many of us question how good of a parent we are. We all want to know that we’re doing a good job, and that we’re great parents, but even more so, that our children love and respect us. It’s important to teach your children good morals and values, right from wrong, and lead them towards the path of becoming a righteous and decent human being. Many times we take for granted the fact that our children grow so quickly and get so smart, that we fail to realize that they’re just like sponges, and they absorb so much information, and many times, without even trying.

Children pick up so many of the things that we do, whether they’re your habits, things that you say, your idiosyncrasies, your unique personality traits, or even how you act towards others. Being that children are like sponges and pick up so much information, it’s important to be careful with what you say and how you act even more so than you naturally might. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to be a good person and a decent human being just because it’s the right thing to do. But it’s also imperative to realize that you’ve brought children into this world, and they need to be raised with care. They can either turn out to be wonderful, decent, loving human beings, that do good and kind actions to others and in this world, where they know right from wrong, act humbly, feel humility, and are confident and strong, or they can grow into selfish people that hurt others, are careless, entitled, greedy, and feel bitter, angry, insecure, and unhappy.

It’s important to raise our kids in a way so that, not only we’ll feel proud of them, but so that they’ll feel proud of themselves. The sooner that we all start raising our children in a way where we teach them the importance of loving others, respecting others, and how important it is to even be kind to strangers, this world will become much more of an enlightened and beautiful place to exist. We should never forget the power that we all have as adults, and therefore we must raise our children in a way where we make them our priority, by giving them an adequate amount of our love, affection, attention, and time. Children need to know that they’re your priority.

Remember, our children are watching what we do, what we say, and how we act, whether we realize it or not. I’m far from a perfect human being, and I’ve never claimed to be anything other than imperfect. However, I know that when my children grow up, they can either choose to do good or bad, and that’s why I feel that it’s imperative to teach them good manners, how to respect, how to behave, and more than anything, how to be kind and loving to all people, instead of being hateful, envious, or cruel. Being a parent is not just an obligation, but it’s a privilege. And having your children love and respect you is something that comes from being a good parent.

You can be your child’s best friend if you want to, but make sure that you set rules, limits, and boundaries, because your child needs to respect you. It’s imperative to understand that your child needs to respect you, because that’s how they’re going to grow into decent and loving people. Teach your kids not to bully or hurt others with their words or actions. Don’t just ask your children how their day was after school, but instead, find out about what goes on throughout their day, and in fine detail if possible.

I truly believe that permissive parenting is the easy way out. If you’re going to have children, and you desire to expand on your family, then make sure that you’re doing so for the right reasons. Raise kids that are going to add to this world and become decent, loving, and righteous people. Care about how you’re raising your children, and do so with the maximum out of love and effort.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being your child’s best friend, as well as their parent. I completely disagree with those that feel that you can’t and shouldn’t be your child’s best friend. You see, when you are friends with your child or children, they’ll trust you, they’ll come to you when they need you, they’ll confide in you and turn to you, and they’ll do so with the knowledge that you’ll never judge or hurt them because of what they share with you. They’ll see you as their parent and as their friend, and therefore, they’re going to expect you to discipline them, even when they share certain things that they might have done or said when they know that you might disapprove. But the fact is, they’ll still share with you, and that’s crucial in having a close relationship with your children.

If you’re going to discipline your children, and perhaps even be strict, make sure that you’re doing so with a tremendous amount of love. We need to teach our children how to love, how to give love, and how great it feels to be loved. Remember to teach your children how to love, and you can do so by giving them enough affection, and by having great and open communication with them. Don’t exclude your children from family discussions or things of importance in your life. Make them a part of your everyday life, and share with them, in the same manner that you want them to share with you.

I always tell my children, “Hey, I tell you everything! So you need to start telling me stuff and sharing with me too. You have to be fair!” And Thank God, because they listen to me, they care how I feel, and again, I Thank God for that, and I know that I’m very fortunate to have such amazing kids. I’ll never take their love for granted, or even being a parent for that matter. And teaching my children how to love, respect, and be kind to others, is a work in progress. So despite the fact that I share this and that with you about how I raise my children, I’m working on it, and I’m trying to improve on my parenting skills every single day. Being a parent can be easy for many, but being a good parent is what it’s really all about. So put some love, effort, and time into teaching your children good morals, good values, and how important it is to be loving and kind to all people. 

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6 thoughts on “Why the Way That You Raise Your Children Matters

  1. I really enjoyed this Anne. Thank you for sharing. This is exactly how I feel, too. Everything you have explained this is what my husband and I are trying to achieve with our daughter. She’s turning 1 next month…I still can’t believe it. It was just like yesterday, when we brought her home from the hospital. She amazes me everyday. A super sponge girl is what she is. She is so eager to explore and learn…and extremely curious about the whole world around her. It is a great honor to be her mother, a mother at that. I get to see my greatest masterpiece, grow before my eyes. It is truly amazing.

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