Planning a Trip Soon? Don’t Forget These 4 Tips While Packing Healthy Food



To camp around your favorite destinations with something as adventurous and comfortable as an amazing recreational vehicle is absolutely mind-boggling in itself. Isn’t it? But, when it comes to packing the bags, things need to be handled quite strategically. Especially for the foods, you’ve to be cautious enough.

Well, you are going to be out for a kind of long vacation! And, there lies a fair chance of non-availability of the right foods around. It’s because most of the campgrounds are located somehow in the outskirts. So, to pack the essential foods seems to be one of the significant tasks. Right?

Moreover, foods should be smartly packed to avoid any untimely wastage or decay. How can an amazing road trip end up without munching good?

Hence, here are 4 of the amazing tips which will certainly let you eat fresh while vacationing wonderfully.

Wondering is it worth reading ahead or not?

Well, let me tell you, I’ve followed these tricks on my last RV camping and they did wonders for me.

Now, just have a look! 

1. Carry Lightweight Tableware:

When you are planning to go for a holiday, it’s better to avoid any stuff that is heavy or too fancy. If you include drinking glasses and plates to eat which are all made up of glass, they can break off while toppling out of the high cabinets. Also, you might end up breaking a couple of such glassware when you clean them up in the small sinks. So, to avoid any such inconvenience, it is smart to pack tumblers and cheap plates, as well as bowls.

2. Firm Packing is Necessary:

Typically, the recreational vehicles are quite long in size, the length might reach up to almost 30 feet! So, if you don’t shut the edibles in cabinets firmly or tie them properly, they might slide down or roll around from one end of the vehicle to the other. And it might ultimately distract the driver and cause an accident.

So, whenever it comes to packing food for RV trips, ensure that they are being carried in baskets and cartons. Don’t at all think of using those fragile plastic bags! Your containers shouldn’t budge with even the slightest motion.

During my RV caravan, I used bungee cords for packing and trust me, they proved to be extremely helpful for us.

3. Go for the Foods with High Shelf Life

To go on a holiday is all about spending your days while exploring a lot of places. But, in this process of constant motion, your fridge might soon lose its mojo and start becoming warm. So, you should keep in mind that highly perishable food items are a big No, No!

Rather, just opt for some shelf-stable foods. Well, there is no wrong in bagging some small quantities of cheese or eggs, if you like. Just finish them off within a week or so But, mostly you should stick to the following foods:


  • Canned and packed tuna, beans.
  • taco shells
  • Peanuts
  • bread, and jam
  • Dry salami
  • Tomato sauce
  • Tube Polenta
  • Oatmeal
  • Avocados
  • Cocoa
  • Tea and so on.

Moreover, if you think that you just can’t do without the tasty yet perishable foods, you must pack a large freezer that can be replenished with ice.

4. Avoid Foods that Need Heating:

You and your co-travelers might love a lot to eat pasta and noodles but it is always better to avoid such foods which need heating. Instead, the already sauteed or boiled foods work better. It’s because if you generate any heat inside the RV for cooking purpose, it will raise the overall temperature of the RV. And it might finally end up disturbing the ambiance of your sleeping space. So, for the time being, you need to control your appetite and adjust to the situation.

Wrapping UP:

All in all, the secret of eating right during the RV holidays is nothing but how perfectly you pack your food. Don’t forget to save on summer vacation on various expenses like junk food because it not only harm your pocket but health as well. Thus, just follow the aforementioned steps and that’s it!

Clara Decker

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