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The wedding day is one of the most special occasions in anyone’s life and every bride wants to look like a dream on this occasion. For that, they are willing to start with the smallest steps of just plucking the eyebrows once every week for the next five months to running an extra mile for the coming months or completely restructuring their routine for transforming themselves.

In order to get your desired look, you do not have to spend the upcoming days before the wedding in a hectic manner. In fact, the mental effort and time are the two most important factors to ensure that you look nothing less than a princess on your wedding day. 
In fact, the most important thing that is required in this case happens to be the commitment level. The answer to every challenge that you have depends on the level of commitment that you can provide to achieve the goal.

Here are some tips that will help you to get fit and healthy before your big day emerges. Just read on. 

Start Early and Set the Eating Habits for Life

Prior to the wedding day, you should start with those habits that you can maintain and pledge to follow the rest of your life. That is why you should go for the practical changes. You should allow the body to register fullness, drink plenty of water and avoid the processed foods and also try to track the micronutrients through any of the apps available today. Ideally, a great balance is just about 30 percent healthy lean proteins, 40 percent healthy carbohydrates and 30 percent poly or monosaturated fats. Per day, you should at least have three servings of leafy green vegetables. After a month or so of tracking, you will get a good idea about the distribution and you do not need to track any further



This is one thing that you can do at any point. You also need not do it much. But you have to ensure that you do it often. You can go for a walk for at least four times a week for at least half-an-hour. You can jog in the sand or can also go for a long walk on the beach or stride around the block ten times. Remember that the body can burn up as many calories by walking as it does by running. The only difference is that you just experience less muscle and joint trauma. This can be a hard thing to understand especially when you are brought up with the philosophy that you lose more when you sweat more. Swimming also works well for those people who have bad joints and are unable to walk or run distances. Pilates and yoga are also quite effective and if you have kids then you can purchase one or more videos of the same to learn and do it together at home.

Tone Up

Cardio and pilates are great for feeling refreshed and even losing weight. But you will have to tone up the body parts that you will be showing off on your wedding day. So, if your dream dress puts your arms on display you should go for some activities that will tone up your muscles in that portion and will make you look great there.

Drink Lots of Water 

You should keep a bottle in the fridge and always keep that handy throughout the day. You must make no exception to the rule. Water is vital. It not only keeps you hydrated but it also helps to flush wastes and toxins out of your system. Losing weight can be fun and free. It does work. You should commit to a plan as said earlier and never give up. You are bound to notice significant changes and you don’t have to wait for an eternity for that. Keep it in mind that you may not lose weight exactly where you need to. In one-week people may find that your face is leaner. In the other weeks, they may say that your bums and back are looking more in shape now. Persistence and patience happen to be the key in this case.

Lose Weight Together

There are high chances that someone in the wedding party like a bridesmaid or your future mother-in-law wants to lose weight. You can partner with that person and the extra motivation will probably help you both out to crack the extra lunges when you do not feel like going for it.

The above are some of the ways you can get fit and healthy sensibly before your wedding. These are suggested by the experts of a reputed event agency who have organized a number of successful events in the past and know exactly how you will look stunning on your big day.

Sawoni Chowdhury

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