Refrigerator Staging Tips When Selling a Home



A lot of preparation and planning is required before putting your home up for sale. Cleaning, staging, and depersonalizing a home are some of the crucial tasks a homeowner/seller has to put into consideration before listing it for sale. Cleaning and depersonalizing the space allows the potential buyer to envision him/herself in the house and how they would wish to have it. Staging, on the other hand, helps bring out a positive image and a good first impression for potential buyers. Does staging the refrigerator really matter? You may ask. Well, an interested potential buyer will want to know/inspect every aspect of the house. This means he/she might look inside cabinets, under rugs, as well as the refrigerator. Ensuring your refrigerator is clean and well-staged will, therefore, earn you more points. Here are several refrigerator staging tips to help you get started.

Clean Both The Exterior And Interior Of The Fridge

The kitchen is one of the key selling points for every home. Every potential homebuyer will want to check the kitchen out before making the final decision. This could involve checking the refrigerator. That said, you don’t want a particularly interested buyer to be greeted by sticky, dried-on messes or foul odors on opening the door. While you wouldn’t wish them to open your refrigerator, this isn’t a risk you’d want to take. You may also ask for the Spring TX Refrigeration Services for conditioning your refrigerator during staging it when selling a home.

For a sufficient clean, empty all the contents in the refrigerator – removable shelves and drawers included. Wipe everything down using a clean damp cloth and pay particular attention to food particles and other spills in/on the fridge, crannies, and nooks. Be sure to clean the gasket too. Experts recommend using coffee grounds on a tray, baking soda, or even a white vinegar solution when cleaning the fridge. This helps get rid of any foul smell inside.

The exterior part will require a thorough clean too. Use a nonabrasive cleaner to bring its shine back (for stainless steel appliances). Be sure to scrub away any fingerprints as well. Once done cleaning, you can put everything back where it belongs (the shelves and drawers). From this point onwards, you can focus on keeping it sparkling clean by wiping any spills right away, and ensuring all jars and containers are clean and dry before popping them in the refrigerator.

How To Clean Your Fridge For A Cleaner Look

  • Unplug it from the socket. Do this carefully to avoid spilling water in the ice maker.
  • Use dish soap and water to clean the surface and sides of the unit. Wipe the fridge first with a soft cloth lathered with soap. Rinse the soap residue with a clean cloth, then dry any moisture on it. This will help prevent spotting and streaking.
  • Apply special appliance polish, wax, wipe, or spray to restore the appliance’s luster and shine. Find the best quality spray to bring out a clean and shiny polish for your appliances. This reduces the need to use soap and water to remove dirt. Be sure to use polish designed for that specific refrigerator finish for the best results.
  • Use warm water and dish soap to clean door seals. Clean the seals with the door open, and wipe clean the contact surface on the fridge as well. Wipe the seals dry too to avoid streaking and spotting on the door. While at it, run your fingers around the seal/gasket to see if there are any cold-air leaks. Running a piece of paper around the seal with the door closed should help you detect a leaky seal.
  • Vacuum pet hair and dust from the back of the fridge. Dust and pet hair may accumulate at the back of the refrigerator and especially around the fins and the fan. Carefully vacuum these to ensure they are not only clean but to improve the appliance’s efficiency.
  • Plug it back to the socket and push it back to its place.

Reorganize And Declutter Your Food

With the fridge clean and all dry, you can then start putting the food back. Look out for spoiled and expired food items and toss them in the rubbish bin. You could also create lots of space by moving bottles and non-perishable cans to the pantry. Soda, vinegar, and bottled water don’t necessarily require refrigeration. Use bins and stackable square/rectangle containers to organize the fridge.

Declutter The Refrigerator’s Exterior

Most people like to keep personal items and other products in the fridge. Some will even hang family photos, papers, and other personal items on the refrigerator. Get rid of anything that seems personal and keeps them in a safer place.

It’s worth noting that, staging the fridge won’t influence a buyer into buying the home. It only gives them a better impression of your home and could be a source of inspiration. You too will be surprised at how well your kitchen/refrigerator will look after cleaning and staging it.

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