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In case you wish to actualize your dream deck in 2020, then here are the deck design trends that you need to check out. Even though not all of these design trends for 2020 will suit your type of project and preference, you might find the idea that helps you achieve the space that you desire.

Trending Deck Idea that We Love

The following deck design ideas for 2020 consist of a combination of in-demand add-ons and big-picture styles. Picture how these ideas can influence your dream deck and porch:

Outdoor Televisions

Outdoor television is a popular trend that homeowners are adding to their decks this and the coming year. This is because it offers a great opportunity to unwind while enjoying your favorite shows, or perhaps the evening news. Picture relaxing in the outdoors on a pleasant evening and experiencing the cool breeze while watching a movie or game. Including a water-proof television on your porch enables you to bring the experience of indoor living to the great outdoors. We use TVs that can withstand all the weather elements including snow, wind, rain, etc. These TVs will continue to function throughout the year.

Modern-Looking Stone

Stone is renowned for its permanence. It possesses a unique appeal that makes everything built with it seem like it will remain strong and sturdy for many years to come. Regardless of if you utilize real stone or stone veneer, the appeal will be retained.  Besides, it will be a great contrast to the composite which makes up most of the deck area. Even though most stones do have a more rustic appearance, there are modern-looking stones that have become a popular deck trend for 2020.

Unique Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are a must-have for all types of outdoor spaces. Unique lighting fixtures a deck design trend for 2020. There is a wide range of options available including house-mounted lights, deck-mounted lights, or hanging lights to achieve a truly unique look. In addition to providing great lighting when it’s dark to avoid mishaps, lighting fixtures also add an attractive and mysterious type of atmosphere to the whole space. Absolutely, using lighting fixtures is good for
outdoor lighting ideas.

Under Deck Spaces

In case your deck is raised, you will definitely have some space underneath that you can also make use of. Even though for a long time it was utilized as storage space, converting it into a seating area is the deck design trend for 2020. A great benefit of this trend is that enables you to maximize your space and also offers a convenient shield from the sun.

A Modern/Industrial Feel

A more modern feel is a recent trend that we expect to see more of in 2020. Even though a rustic deck and porch will always be a design option, we believe that an increased number of people will go for a modern or contemporary appearance for their outdoor space. The modern style will be characterized by the color schemes, angular shapes and also the materials that you will make use of.

Trending Deck Tips

Craft Your Design

There are various ways in which you can craft an original deck design including picture framing, breaker boards, unique skirting, and custom in-lays. There are myriad configurations you can utilize to achieve that unique look that you desire.

You should let your creativity shine regardless of if you are planning on including a large multi-width board for a bold picture frame or utilizing boards will smaller widths for an inlay design. In case you are searching for a newer alternative to the conventional lattice as deck skirting, then installing deck boards horizontally is a great option.

Ease of Installation

Regardless of whether you prefer DIY for your deck and railing build or a deck contractor, you will be pleased to learn that the decking industry is increasingly focused on labor-saving components. More time and effort will be saved when getting the deck builds done and it will be completed faster.

Sophisticated Sleek Lines

This modern trend comes as no surprise. One trend that is still widely popular as we head into 2020 is cable railing. Homeowners are looking to achieve clear and unobstructed views that require little maintenance. 

Add Ambiance with Lighting

Lighting is essential for indoor and outdoor aesthetics.
Lighting on your deck promotes a pleasurable experience for yourself and your guests as it creates a mood and sets the ambiance. In order to pull off the outdoor lighting trend, a seamless look for placing the lighting will be essential. You should choose lighting elements that offer style, directional lighting, and functionality.

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