Remember the Dirty Work: 4 Foundational Steps to Take When Renovating



Bring up home renovation and remodeling and a famous quote pops up, “Do what is necessary.” What needs to be done at certain points leans on the vitality of the master plan, which contains several variables. Being able to accurately prejudge rehab values remains saved for the few, not the many, unfortunately. This makes setting out on the endeavor disheartening. When renovating, follow these 4 foundational steps during the process turns dirty work into a brand new living space.

Assess the Infrastructure

Electrical, heating/cooling,
plumbing, and foundation conditions determine the validity of all other repairs because they are the four cores of any establishment. Whether that be residential, commercial, or otherwise. Other updates, especially cosmetics, will be lower on the list. Even if you find yourself in the midst of a bathroom or kitchen remodel, it’s never a bad time to check out what’s under the hood, metaphorically speaking. You don’t want to paint a car with a broken engine. This is an important first step in home renovating, no matter how old your home is. A well put together home starts with the right foundation. 

Start With the Small Stuff First

Like any other project, crawling before walking is not only taught but encouraged. In this case, doing what’s necessary has become doing the easy thing upfront. Look around at the existing spaces that could possibly be converted to larger accommodation rooms or compartmentalized according to the vision. Upper levels left generally unused as a whole makes for prime targets due to relative ease. Then, long-awaited extensions and add-ones can commence. Make sure you take the individual steps needed during your renovation before jumping into the bulk of the project as well. 

Leave Room for the Budget to Breathe

Little things turn into big things. Renovating an older home, for instance, epitomizes that statement as contractors, architects, and designers may attest, there’s nothing like discovering how major a minor problem really is. Therefore, it’s virtually impossible receiving anything except modest estimations most of the time. Try to get the most accurate quote for your repair. However, one thing is true: assuming costs will run 15-20% higher than projected is the best practice. 

Stagger Room Renovations

Less access to the kitchen doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing as long food is somehow available through other means. Assuming the owner/occupier lives in the home. The bathroom is another situation. Easier said than done if you have two bathrooms, but if you have one, tackle each space little by little so you have a functional lavatory at all times. Don’t attempt a kitchen and bathroom remodel at the same time either. You want at least one functioning sink in the home. Take it slow and focus your attention on one room at a time. 

At the end of the day, strict master plan obedience would be viable if this was a perfect world not based upon future uncertainty. Plan for contingencies and do the most important tasks upfront, make sure not to neglect the four cores.


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