Various Types of House Extensions Commonly Seen at Residential Properties



House extensions are an ideal way to make your home more comfortable for a growing family or add value leading up to a sale. If a family faces space constriction in a house, the house owner may think of extending the building to provide more comfortable accommodation for all. Experienced builders may suggest the construction of required house extensions, to fulfill the requirements of house owners. These extensions can also help in increasing the property value of houses in the real estate market. Legal permits should be obtained from the local civic authority before constructing any of such extensions at home.

Different House Extensions Constructed in Common Homes

Single Storey Extension:

When a house has only one story and needs to be extended, the rear part or the sides of the building may be chosen for this type of house extensions. The rooms can be made more spacious or this extra flooring space may be turned into another room. A pitched roof, skylight, and bi-folding sliding door may be installed to modify this extended space as an integral part of the house. Single story extension can be used to modify or even completely reorganize the way you utilize the interior floor space.

Multistorey Extension:

If a double-story or multistorey building needs to be extended, either the ground floor or any higher floor can be chosen for an extension. However, the architectural planning of the multistorey extension is more complicated than the single-story one. This extended part should match the rest of the property, in terms of the rooftop, doors, and windows. An extra bedroom or a new bathroom can be created upstairs in this way. A multi-story extension often requires planning permission. It can be built on any part of the existing building.

Garage Extension:

The existing garage can be made more spacious by extending its width along with the garden.  The extension can also be made on the top of the garage, to create more living space for the use of the family. Such house extensions are much simpler and can be completed very quickly, without imposing too many problems.


This space resembles a conservatory as it is designed to get abundant sunlight all the time. It has an extended solid roof that keeps it insulated from atmospheric heat in summer. The walls are sturdy so that this space can be used for both living and storage purposes. However, the design of a sunroom is quite complicated and its construction is also expensive.



Loft Conversion:

If there is enough space in the roof of a house; then it can be utilized for turning into lofts for storage purposes. This conversion needs a very nominal expense compared to all other popular house extensions. Various structural designs can be applied for constructing these lofts, which can also be used as an attic or customized for other purposes of family members.


A portico or balcony is a small extension constructed in front of a living room. Extra columns, walls, and doors or windows need to be constructed to create a beautiful porch. The size of a porch depends on the choice of the house owner and usually, its construction does not require any special permission.

Wrap Around Extension:

The sides and the rear part of a house can be extended together to form an L-shaped structure, which is called a wrap-around extension of a building. It is a quite simple construction, bringing the building closer to the rear boundary wall of the property. Much more space can be added to the house with such house extensions, which can be utilized to make a larger kitchen or new dining room or an additional guest room.

The extended roof can be made of different designs, like a butterfly roof, hip roof, and flat roof, matching to the architectural design of the rest of the roof. The professional architects can design the house extensions in such a stylish manner so that the entire look of the house can be beautified due to these extra constructions.

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