Resort Vibes – How to Bring Holiday Vibes Into Your Home When You Cannot Travel



When people face negative news on a daily basis for a long period of time, all they want to do is run away and go on a vacation. Our everyday routines have changed a lot ever since the pandemic started. We’re slowly getting used to the new normal, social distancing, working from home, and staying away from crowded spaces. But, that doesn’t mean that we’ve lost the urge to scratch that wanderlust itch. It only means that we need to adapt to vacationing at our own home.
Here are some ways you can bring holiday vibes into your home when you cannot travel.


When we go to an entirely new city, we get lost in it, roam the streets, and explore all the best places. We’re so busy that we forget to check social media, text people, respond to group conversations, or even check work emails. The only time we’re on our phones is when we use Google maps to navigate the unknown area or post a photo or two to our social media feed. You should start your vacation at home by completely disconnecting and enjoying your free time.

Bring the Seaside In by Using Blue Linens

Blue is the color of the sea, summer vacations, and dream destinations. Being that visiting one of your dream destinations is temporarily on hold, you can surround yourself with objects that recreate that vibe. While you’re vacationing at home, you should use blue linens. You can also mix blue and white linens and achieve a nautical vibe at home. If you have any seashells, you can spread them around your home for that sea-resort effect.

Create an Effortless Resort Feel in Your Backyard

The fact that you’ve been planning a vacation, saved up, and requested some time off, shouldn’t stop you from having the best time of your life. You should just focus on what you can do within the borders of your property. Traveling is not an option nor it’ll be any time soon. You can think long term and invest the money you saved up for a vacation into building a pool. 

This way you won’t let the money saved up for a vacation slip away and invest in something that will benefit the entire family. In case you already have one, you can invest in
swimming pool renovation and upgrade your experience. You can spend your vacation days by the pool, sipping on cocktails, ordering your favorite takeout, and enjoy life.

Create Your Private Getaway Zone

Just like you don’t swim the entire day while you’re at the seaside, you won’t be using your pool all day long. You’ll need a shaded area to rest, read a summer romance or a crime novel while you fill the time until your next dip. A quality pergola or a garden parasol will keep you shaded from too much sun. You can even hang a hammock next to it and enjoy its comfiness while you read. Having a few comfortable sun loungers is nonnegotiable because these are typical features of summer resorts. 

Surround Yourself With Plants

Lush greenery will transport you to a dreamy destination instantly. That’s why you should surround your sitting area or the pool with large plants. Plants like banana leaf plant or a monstera will help create just the right vacation atmosphere. You can further set the mood with aromatherapy and scented candles. Scents have a powerful effect because they can create just the perfect ambiance and increase the level of enjoyment. 

The Lighting

When you vacation in your backyard, your goal should be to spend as much as you can in the open. Since you’ll be spending all your time in your backyard, you should prepare it for the evening entertainment as well. You can light up the path from your home to the pool or the lounge area with solar lamps you can stick in the soil. This way you’ll have the right amount of light to move freely and you won’t attract incests with bright light.

When it comes to lighting up the lounge area, you can play with string lights and create a magical vibe. You can also put up several lanterns and additionally light up the area for your evening activities.

From disconnecting to ramping up your pool, these six tips will definitely ensure you have a magical staycation without leaving your home. You’ll create your own peaceful oasis and enjoy it just like any other beach resort. Just learn how to enjoy the present moment and it’ll feel just like a five-star resort.

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