Sinful Cigarettes: 4 Negative Effects That Smoking Tobacco Has on Your Body



People know about the harmful effects of smoking, but many will continue to puff away. While nicotine is definitely addictive, it’s also easy for people to underestimate just how damaging it is. While some ailments take time to develop, others present themselves very quickly. Here are four negative effects that smoking tobacco has on you. 


If you’ve been or been around smokers long enough, you should be familiar with the concept of a smoker’s cough. A constant ailment that’s both unpleasant to experience and witness, this is a very serious matter. Because the constant inhalation of smoke affects the lungs, smokers are prone to have this nasty cough. This can also lead to more serious conditions, such as bronchitis. When you quit smoking, you’ll realize how much you’ve taken something as simple as breathing for granted. Fresh air is better than any cigarette or cigar.

Gum Disease

Tobacco can have a highly detrimental effect on your mouth. Gum diseases are unfortunately common for smokers. This can also lead to unflattering stains on your teeth. You might need to get some help if your teeth are damaged enough. Teeth implants are an option for people with teeth that are severely worn. To prevent this, stop smoking now.


Regular smokers would believe it helps them alleviate stress. However, what’s really happening is that they’ve become so dependent on nicotine that they need it to feel okay. Having a crux like tobacco can be extremely difficult for someone with mental health troubles. Life can get difficult, but you shouldn’t be using tobacco to solve your problems. It can act as a friend in times of stress, but it’s actually trying to get the best of you. You can do much better than relying on tobacco.

Premature Aging

No, smoking tobacco won’t make you older than you are. However, it can definitely make you look older and not in a terribly refined way. Smoking will wrinkle your skin severely. Because blood is being restricted, your skin is going to suffer. If you want to feel as young as you are, quit smoking.

There are way more than four negative effects of smoking, but these are some of the most notable. If you currently smoke, there’s no better time to quit than now. It might be difficult, but when compared to spending the rest of your life smoking, it’s far preferable.


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