Skip Bin Hire: How You Can Save Your Hard-Money While Hiring Bins for Your Needs



Skip bins are only hired when you need to dispose vast amount of waste cost-effectively and efficiently. Believe it or not, skip bin hire services aren’t cheap as they used to be a couple of years back. As per various skip bin users, they spend $80 to $100 for hiring average skip bins for one week. When you search about the skip bins, you’ll find everyone mentions skip bin hire advantages/disadvantages and how to choose the best company and bins. But not one is actually revealing the tips on how you can save your money while dealing with skip bin hire services.

We’re here with some money-saving tips while hiring skip bins because we don’t want you to burn your pockets just for disposing the waste.

The Tips Mentioned Below Might Sound Obvious, but Implement Them and Save Your Money:

Should You Pay for The Amount of Waste or The Bin Size?

Most skip bin hire companies know customers never measure their waste and always consider the average bin size. If you ever visit the company’s official website or application, they always feature the top-selling bins on their homepage. Firstly, measure the waste quantity and then look for the right bin size. Is this the right idea.

Absolutely not! Think out of the box and sometimes avoid measuring the waste size. For example, if your hired bin is overloaded with waste, you have to pay for another bin. Next, if you hired a larger bin and if it’s not full, you actually pay more money.

As a result, you need to seek assistance from the skip bin hire companies that deliver quotes depending on the type/size of waste instead of the bin size. By doing so, you’re only paying for the bins you are using.

Load Your Skip Bins Smartly

Most people just fill the skip bins with anything and everything and place it near the gates; this is what you have to avoid! The best way is to fill your skip bin when the loading truck arrives at your doorstep. Here you’re not saving money, but you are dumping the waste appropriately. Next, ensure the skip bins are correctly loaded with minimal air pockets.

See, there are wrong and right ways of loading the waste in your skip bins. When you know the right way, you’ll dump your waste efficiently. In our opinion, dump the heavy things at the bottom, and later you can do as per your wish.

Look for Skip Bin Hire Companies That Offers Free Transport Services

When you search about the skip bin hire companies, you’ll come across many companies on the internet. Some are start-ups, and some have already captured the major localities. Here, the hack is finding the company that is delivering value for money services and offering free transportation. Yes, we agree that finding such a skip bin hire company is pretty challenging, but that is not impossible!

When you are transporting the bin on your own, you are wasting your valuable time and efforts. If you are a working professional, you cannot do this task every day. Thanks to some customer-friendly companies that handle this task without charging a single penny. All you have to is load the bin, and the company will do its job. As a result, you will have time for some other tasks apart from loading your bins.

Skip bin hire companies are pretty expensive, but with our money-saving tips, you’ll always save some bucks. Don’t miss the offers running in the festive season, especially for new customers. If you have some more money-saving tips, let us know in the comment box.

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