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All businesses need to grow and startups need to grow even more desperately. For them, growth is vital because they need a kick start by building up a customer base. Paucity of funds, however, remains one of the most teething problems for most of them. This puts them in a paradoxical situation and they become keen to find marketing tools in the budget. This article is all about addressing the problem of finding marketing tools that help startups grow on a budget.

Email Marketing-One of the Best Marketing Tools in a Budget

Email marketing is an essential and integral part of any digital marketing strategy in today’s digital age. This tool generates higher ROI and revenues because it connects a startup with prospects that might turn into customers. So it all starts with searching and gathering email addresses. As a first step, a startup needs to make a website and begin a newsletter subscription process. Alternatively, you can hire services of email marketing service provider. For companies that are starting an email list, MailChimp is ideal. If you send up to 12000 emails per month and have less than 2000 subscribers (applicable in case of many startups) you can enjoy forever free plan from MailChimp. Those startups that seek marketing tools in budget find it very attractive as they don’t have to pay anything for quite some time.

Social Media Marketing: – a Must for Startups

The efficacy of social media for growing businesses cannot be overemphasized as there are 3.484 billion social media users in 2019. According to Statista, social media has a global penetration rate of 45%. With this mammoth reach, no startup will dare to ignore this powerful platform. There are many affordable yet ingenious marketing tools that suit the requirements of cost-conscious startup owners. They can have these marketing tools in a budget. Let’s have a glimpse of some really useful ones that have many free and highly affordable features.


This awesome tool helps build your social media profile with captivating visual content. It gives you free access to 400,000 free photos and unlocks access to 50 million premium photos at just $12.95 per month.


This service connects multiple Apps and devices to trigger automated action involving them. For startups that don’t have time to tend to all social media platforms and yet want to amplify their social media marketing, IFTTT is an excellent platform. It offers a free service that allows users to run 750 flows per month. For more advanced functionalities the users need to pay $5 or $15 per month per user.

Drum Up

A very powerful content management tool that helps you share great content with your social media accounts. A startup can curate top content from its industry and thus can start a meaningful conversation with followers. It has 4 pricing plans starting from $15 a month, offering a free trial in each plan.

Take Advantage of Free Tools

When it comes to the cost of marketing free tools are the best facilitators of startups. They don’t need to find marketing tools in a budget, because these tools are for free. Let’s explore some of these free but very useful tools.

Google Analytics

When it comes to meaningful free support for startups (or for that matter, every business), Google analytics top the list of all available tools. For startups, analytics are as important as water is for fish. Google Analytics provides the opportunity to monitor its performance in terms of the number of visitors to website, bounce rate, average time on site, most viewed pages, conversion rate, and ROI for different promotion methods, etc.

The above-mentioned information is critical for a startup because it can take required corrective measures in time.

Google Keyword Planner

It’s an amazingly popular keyword tool that is totally free of cost. So all you startup owners who are searching for cool keywords; Grab keywords for free. You are in search of marketing tools in a budget and I am referring you to something that does not cost even a penny.

Meet Cheap

Hosting a webinar is quite beneficial because they generate leads, expand your audience worldwide and enhance customer’s engagement. The Meetcheap offers cheap deals starting from as low as $9.97/month. So startups; go and grab one of the great marketing tools in budget.


If you have recently started a blog for your startup you surely will be hunting marketing tools in a budget. Pixabay is not cheap. It is free. It offers millions of stock photos to enable you in matching some with your blog needs.

Choose a Cool Name for Your Startup

Cool names of businesses and brands galvanize customer’s attention and thus stimulate marketing campaign. If you want to name your startup business you may take help from online business name generator websites like NamoBOT is one such company that generates catchy names for every type of startups with the help of over 30 million word combinations. It also provides SEO compatible domain names and highly brandable Mobile Apps names. It offers enticing discount deals and thus startups can have a cool mobile App name at a marked-down price making Namobot part of marketing tools in a budget.

Enhance SEO Compatibility

Even as a startup you need higher search engine ranking for enhanced traffic to your site. Make your content great and absorbing. Build your site with WordPress free option and use free plugins to enhance its functionality. Clean up and get rid of “Not Secure” warnings from Google chrome. Get an SSL certificate and get high priority in the ranking. Since your aim is to get marketing tools in a budget, a GoDaddy SSL discount codes will save you a good chunk of money. Currently, GoDaddy is offering a 92% coupon discount that enables startups to save maximum.

Offer Coupons and Discount Deals

Just like startups who seek marketing tools in a budget, there are millions of potential customers who tend to buy products if some discount offer is attached to them. Use coupon as a tool to boost brand loyalty and sales.

Wrap Up

To sum up, seeking marketing tools in a budget is not that difficult for startups. There are many and one needs those that suit their most needs. Fortunately, quite many of these are free, which is quite ideal for new ventures.

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