Steps You’ll Need To Take To Keep Your Sewer Line Working



The sewer line is your home’s main line that connects to the publicly owned sewer system, so it can help ensure that all wastewater is disposed of in a manner that prevents contamination of our environment. Often, problems with the sewer line are caused by a lack of maintenance or vandalism. This can increase the chances of clogs forming in your home’s sewer line.

If you notice any problems with your sewer line and haven’t recently noticed or had a problem, it could be something as simple as a clogged drain or damaged pipe that needs repair. You can call a licensed plumber to inspect any damaged pipes or drains. Here are steps that you can take to keep your sewer line working properly and prevent future problems from forming.

Clean Your Lines Often

Most sewer lines are made of PVC. The PVC lining can become easily clogged with grease and other kinds of waste and debris over time, even if the line itself is not damaged. This is because the grease and other contaminants absorb a lot of water, so when it rains, it becomes heavier than water, causing a blockage to form. For this reason, you must regularly clean your sewer line to prevent clogs from forming.

Flush Your Lines

Flushing your sewer line regularly can help prevent the blockage of debris and prevent any future problems that could occur. The frequency at which you should flush your lines depends on the water used in your home, whether it be well water or city water. If you have city water, you should flush your sewer lines once every two years as a precautionary measure. If you have well water, flushing the lines twice a year will be necessary to prevent clogs from forming.

Hire Drain Cleaners

You can hire someone to clean your home’s drains if you do not want to do it yourself. The plumber will be able to inspect your drain line and clean out anything that could be stuck in there. If a pipe is broken, it can be easily fixed with a plumber’s help. Also, hiring professionals will save you time and energy since you won’t have to spend hours trying to get the gunk out of the pipes on your own. Drain cleaners might also conduct certain sewer line repair procedures if your line is too badly damaged to clean.

Increase Your Pressure

If you have a septic tank, you will want to ensure it functions properly. One way to do this is by installing a pressure chamber near the tank. This will enable the tank to pressurize itself and ensure that all waste inside the tank is effectively treated. If your home has a sewer line, you can increase its pressure by installing an aerator or connecting it directly to your water main.

Make sure that your septic tank is operating properly for maximum efficacy. If you pay attention to these steps, your sewer line will work well and prevent any future problems from forming. If you have a clogged drain, call for a licensed plumber to clean it out or see if there’s something else wrong with the pipe. When dealing with sewer problems, get in touch with a professional drainage service expert to fix them as soon as possible.


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