Summer Camp Labels for Every Type of Camper



When it’s time to pack up for summer camp, there are so many things to keep in mind. Labeling the camping equipment and clothing is the topmost priority of the parents. It ensures that every item that accompanies your child on their trip will find its way back to your home with the help of labels.

And although labeling may sound to be a mundane task, you can make it a lot of fun by using custom labels for summer camp. Here are the options available for each type of camper out there.

For Campers Who Like Long-Term Stays

When you plan a long-term camping trip, your child will carry a lot of baggage as well. With more items to pack, you need more labels and stickers. So, look for bulk packs that provide multiple types and sizes of labels to meet every requirement.

From clothing to pens, torch lights, rain gear, and bottles, there are labels to cover every surface. Here, it will help if you choose iron-on labels for clothing items like hoodies, jackets, raincoats, swimsuits, etc.

No matter how long the camping trip lasts, the items will stay identifiable with proper labeling. Even when stacked with identical things, your kids won’t lose their stuff due to this clear labeling.

For Campers Who Like to Add Some Personality

If your child loves their things their own special unique way, you can choose custom labels for their summer camp gear. You can choose subtle designs with an understated yet strong style for such kids.

Themes like rainbows, unicorns, mountain tops, and dinosaurs never fail to impress the young campers. If you choose something they like, they’ll actively participate in the task of labeling and make it a fun exercise.

For Campers Who Love Water

As a camper, your kid won’t be staying away from water. Their stuff will also come to close quarters with wet surfaces at many times throughout the trip.

Here, you can minimize the loss and damage to their stuff by choosing waterproof write-on stickers. They are durable and stay intact for many years. Since the labels are reusable, you can use them multiple times.

When looking for waterproof labels for summer camp, don’t forget to pick the ones that are resistant to sunscreen and bug repellant, as well.

For Campers Who Like Traditional Labels

Well, if you like things in their traditional self, you may go for choices like iron-on or sew-on labels. These stickers are cost-effective and durable. But, you need a little more time to put them on the camping gear.

And if you aren’t too sure about which ones to pick, choose a combo pack of labels. They come with both iron-on and press & stick labels to make it easier. Choose a brand that offers a lot of variety in patterns to personalize the labels.

For Campers Having Allergies

As a camper, exposure to allergens can trigger some life-threatening issues. For preventing such situations, look for allergy labels available in bright colors. You can add the details like the child’s name, allergen, emergency protocols, and contact numbers on these stickers. Use them on all the camping items to stay on a safe boat.

Thus, there are various options to choose from when it comes to picking labels for summer camp.


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