The Cost of Dental Services in Moore



Apart from the eyes, you can tell a lot about a person’s health from their teeth. Healthy teeth are a good indication of overall health. As such, regular routine visits to the dentist are essential. In addition to that, seeking the same services in instances of oral illness or disorders is paramount. But like everything else, these essential services come at a price. That, therefore, begs the question, “What is the cost of getting dental services in Moore?” To answer that, this article covers the factors that affect the cost and other supporting issues. You can also see different Moore dental facilities for more information.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Services

1. Access

The location is a key determinant of the cost of a product. Generally, the cost of treatment may be higher in a conveniently located clinic than in a remote area. However, despite this, you may end up spending more visiting remote clinics. The extra costs may be due to additional travel and convenience costs. Therefore, the closer and more accessible the facility you choose, the lower your overall costs. An accessible dentist’s facility or office is one that:

  • Is close to your location
  • Provides convenient working hours, for example, 24/7
  • Has visibility

2. Quality

Quality, more often than not, has a direct relationship with cost. Therefore, to receive first-class treatment, you may have to pay a lot more than to receive standard treatment. However, it is important to note that the price is not always representative of the quality of care you get. Therefore, do not just look at the price quotes of the service, but rather the overall patient experience. What type of services do they get? What is the overall attitude of the staff? Are there any post-treatment care processes and procedures?

3. Type of disorder

There are hundreds of services offered by dentists ranging from routine preventative services to diagnostic ones and further to corrective ones. The amount of money the care costs depends on the specific disease you may have or the specific service you need. Some of the costs may cover:

  • The dentist’s fees
  • Medication costs
  • Costs for purchasing any restoration parts

For example, you could pay $50 for a standard dental check-up or up to $90000 for a full mouth reconstruction surgery involving different procedures one after the other. See this link to learn about the various types of dental disorders.

4. Duration of treatment

Different dental services require different timelines. Some procedures are one-time and only take a few minutes to be complete. Others are one-time but may take several hours. Further, others are long-term and may stretch out over months or even years. Generally, the longer your duration of treatment is, the higher you may have to pay. This is because long-term procedures take more of the dentist’s hours which means you will have to pay more. They also need more equipment, materials, and medications, which all cost money.

Cost of Dental Services in Moore

Here are some of the cost ranges you may have to incur for a few different services:

  • Standard office consultations: $ 50-$350
  • Cleaning teeth: $70- $200
  • X-rays of the oral cavity $20-$250
  • Handling cavities: $50-$3000 depending on the preferred filling material
  • Root canal: $300-$2000
  • Tooth removal: $75- $650 depending on the type of tooth, and the removal procedure
  • Dental bridges: $1000-$12000 depending on the type of bridge
  • Dentures: $300-$8000 depending on the type, set, and quality
  • Cosmetic teeth procedures: $50-$4500 depending on the type of procedure
  • Dental implants cost from $1000 and increase depending on factors such as type of teeth
  • Mouth reconstructions: $15000-$80000

The cost of a product is a big determinant in making any purchase decisions- dental services notwithstanding. The prices you pay often depend on the location, the type of service you seek, and how long it will take. You may end up paying from as low as a few dollars to as high as thousands of dollars for your dental procedures. A great way of ensuring you do not overspend is ensuring your medical insurance cover includes dental services. Another safe step is taking up a specific cover for such procedures, as it could save you thousands. Click here to get some tips on how you can take care of your oral health to prevent the high cost of treatment.


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