The Most Common Household Emergencies and How To Deal With Them



One of the not-so-good parts of being an adult is the fact that we have to deal with all sorts of household emergencies. Also, we learn that these types of emergencies can happen quite often. However, they do happen to all people, from the US to Australia, and most of them can easily be fixed. The most important thing to do is to react as soon as possible and to be prepared. This means not panicking and doing what you can or calling a professional who will tell you what to do at first, and who will later on come to inspect and solve the problem. Keep on reading to find out what to do in case one of the most common household emergencies happens to you.

Kitchen Fire

An accident in the kitchen can happen quite easily, as we do spend time there every day. The best prevention is not to leave the kitchen while the food is cooking. If a fire does happen, don’t panic and turn off the stove or oven. If it’s a small grease fire, cover the pan with a lid. If the fire is in the oven, don’t open the door after you turn off the oven. If these steps don’t help and there is still fire, close the kitchen door, get everyone to safety, and call the firefighters.

Broken Hot Water System

This is a quite common problem, especially if you have an old system. The best is to call a professional and have the hot water system serviced every year so that you don’t experience any troubles. People in colder countries may encounter this kind of problem more often, as they use the heating system during most of the year, due to low temperatures. However, problems with the hot water system happen even in the warmer parts of the world, like Australia.

Luckily, the emergency is easily fixed once you call professionals; so, for example, you can get hot water repairs in Blue Mountains, as they have great teams of experienced plumbers, electricians, and gasfitters. This is important as, if the gas or electric hot water system goes down, the only thing you can do is to call professionals to fix it. Trained experts will know how to repair, replace, or even install a new system so that you have hot water running in no time. And we know that this is an essential issue as we need hot water for showering, cooking, washing the dishes, etc.

Blocked Toilet or Drains

This kind of trouble usually happens because we caused it. For instance, baby wipes shouldn’t be flushed in the toilet as this is one of the main causes of it being blocked. The best thing to do is to pour a large bucket of hot water into the toilet, but if this doesn’t help, you will have to call a plumber. If your shower or kitchen drain gets clogged, try to unscrew the lid and remove whatever material, such as hair, that is causing the blockage. You can also use a toilet plunger to solve this kind of situation.

Broken Glass

Whether it is a broken plate or a broken window, you should be careful while cleaning broken glass from the floor. In case of minor breakages, such as broken cups or plates, once you have cleaned the glass, the problem will be solved. However, the bigger issue is in case you have a broken window or door. Clean the broken glass, but also cover the broken part of the window with plastic foil that you will tape to the frame. Then, immediately call a licensed window repair service to install a new window, as this can be a huge safety issue.

Finally, we can say that household emergencies are mostly preventable if precaution is taken. However, if they still do occur, react steadily and wisely, and if in doubt, call a professional to help you.


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