The Woman’s Guide to Buying a Perfect Car



For ages people though women aren’t made to trade cars. But since so many women drive today (the number is getting bigger every year) there will come the time when you’ll have to look into a new vehicle and make a purchase. But don’t worry, this process is easier than you might think! If you know how to approach buying a car, you’ll definitely make the right decision for you.

Come Prepared

Knowledge is power and it can mark the difference between getting a good price and getting ripped off. Make sure to know what kind of car you want: a fun convertible for weekend rides, a durable SUV for nature outing, or just something practical that can fit all your kids and their things. Knowing what you want can also help you with budget forming.

Determine Must-Haves

If you travel a lot, your car will definitely need to have a big trunk. If you’re planning to have plenty of aimless rides with friends, you might want to consider getting a model with a good sound system and a sunroof. Those really bad at parking might benefit from a good backup camera. Write a list of these must-have things and you’ll make the right decision. However, having some flexibility is also desirable, otherwise your car-buying process might last for years.

Come Up With a Budget

Stay within your price range and don’t let the salesperson take advantage of you. When setting your budget, make sure to consider everything: taxes, fees, and interests, not just your monthly payment. If you don’t have any vehicle-buying experience, some websites can help you with prices. Search online, and you’ll find sites that help buyers get a realistic sense of what a certain car costs and how much people usually pay for it. In case your budget is a little too thin, you can first sell your old car. If you’re wondering “Who will buy my car quickly”, you can always find a website that allows you to sell your vehicle for cash and get a nice amount for money that will go towards your new car. Just make sure to use only legit websites with plenty of good reviews.

Schedule a Test Drive

Once you have a certain vehicle in mind, contact the dealership and set up a date for a test drive. With a test-drive appointment, you can be sure the car will be ready when you come. Before you make your decision, try to have at least three different test-drives—limiting your options too much is not a good idea. It’s best to schedule your test drives one after another, so you can compare the vehicles better. This tactic also gives you a chance to avoid talking numbers until you’re ready (you can just exit the dealership saying you have another appointment).

Don’t Let Them Push You Around

The car industry is male-dominant, but don’t allow them to patronize you. If you come prepared, you’ll easily stir them in the right direction instead of listening about car seat fabrics and other traditionally feminine features. If they don’t want to give you the respect you deserve, explain to them why they just lost a sale.

Take Your Time

Salespeople love to say that if you miss your chance today, the price will go up tomorrow or someone else might grab the car in front of you. While this is a realistic thing to happen, it’s better to take your time to collect your thoughts and consider your car impressions than to rush into things and end up with a car you don’t want or can’t afford.

Doing your research is the top factor, but make sure to include all of these points into your car purchase process. If you follow these tips, you’ll get a good car that will serve you perfectly for many years.


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