Things I Should Include on My Home Listing When Selling



One of the things that will help you with you selling your home faster than ever and for more money is the way you market it. Your home listing is the piece of information that is going to pique potential buyers’ initial interest in your property. To make sure your listing will catch people’s attention there are some pieces of information that you need to include beyond just the standard things such as size, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms and price.

Anything Special about the Price and Set the Right Price

While it’s a no-brainer that you have to have the price of your home in your listing, many people don’t play up things that are special or unique about the price. If your house is priced below the appraised value or is priced lower than comparable properties that are on the market you should let people know that in your listing. However, don’t embellish or say anything that isn’t true because buyers and their agents will do their research.  Typically a real estate agent will provide a comparative market analysis which examines the selling prices of homes similar to yours in size, amenities, and location.

Special Features for Selling

Does your home have a conforming bedroom in the basement? Do you have an extra-large garage or an extra parking area? Is your home wired for smart technology? If your home has any special features that other homes on the market aren’t likely to have then you should make sure to include them in your listing. It will help your home stand out from the competition.

Recent Upgrades

Most buyers like to get a move-in-ready home that they won’t have to do a lot of work to, so if you have made recent upgrades to your home to modernize it, then you want to play up those things in your listing. New paint, bathroom and kitchen upgrades, and new flooring are all things you want to highlight. You also want to include it in your listing if you have made major upgrades to your home such as replacing the roof or putting in a new heating and cooling system.

Neighborhood Features

Do you live near a park, pool or school? Is there shopping within walking distance? Is the house near a public transit stop or does it have easy access to major highways? These are all things that will appeal to certain buyers and you should make sure to list them in your listing. As with any other product, the sale of your home can come down to the right marketing.

The real estate market can be extremely tricky for the first-time buyer and seller so you should consider a real estate brokerage that has the experience you need. If you include things about your home that will make it stand out from the crowd, it can increase your chances of selling it.


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