Unique Jewelry for a Unique Style: 4 Ways To Spice Up Your Look



Fashion is the self-expression of style and personality. Even more, updating or revamping your style can give you the perfect boost of confidence for any season. It’s amazing how simply rocking a stunning outfit can completely change your mood. However, if a wardrobe of new clothes simply isn’t in the budget (don’t worry it isn’t for most people), accessorizing can easily change your entire look. Jewelry in particular can easily make or break an outfit. If you’re in need of an overhaul or just looking to have a little fun, here are four ways to spice up your look with unique jewelry.

1. Layer Bravely

According to old fashion rules, accessorizing with jewelry is to be done modestly. Luckily, rules are made to be broken and most old fashion taboos are out the window. Let your creativity shine by layering unique jewelry to your liking. Maybe a combination of long and short necklaces pair perfectly with your v-neck tee. Other times multiple rings paired with stacked bracelets could give your outfit the right amount of edge. Push your limits, think outside the box, and accessorize boldly!

2. Let the Jewelry Steal the Show

Another easy tip for revamping your style is to let the jewelry be the centerpiece of your outfit. Choosing a simple outfit such as a solid top and pants or an outfit with a simple structure (no-frills and mixture of materials) doesn’t have to be boring. Pair a simple outfit with eccentric or intricate jewelry and let your jewelry serve as a statement. This may seem like a simple tip but, it is often overlooked. When going this route, the beauty and edge are truly in the details.

3. Choose Unique Pieces

The most obvious way to style unique jewelry is to opt for truly unique pieces. This may require you to step outside of your comfort zone or search for pieces you may not normally consider. Luckily, with online shopping, you can easily find one-of-a-kind pieces to experiment with. Shops like Sterling Assault gives shoppers endless options for edgy accessories that you won’t find quite anywhere else. These pieces are sure to grab a few second looks and endless compliments.

4. Refresh Your Style Intentionally

Last but not least, experiment with new styles. The easiest way to refresh your style with jewelry is to choose accessories that you may not typically choose. What makes accessories so versatile is that you can mix and match with your clothing style. For example, if your wardrobe is typically preppy experiment with adding punk elements through your jewelry or vice versa. Mix elements of your personality through your style to create outfits that push your boundaries yet are true to you.

There you have it, four easy and fun ways to uniquely use jewelry to revamp your sense of style. Fashion and style are meant to be enjoyed. Take a little extra time for joy in your life and use these tips to create new and stunning looks out of any wardrobe.


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