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When you want to look fashionable, you reach out to iconic accessories. However, there’s a fine line between looking chic and ick. To avoid making an unforgivable fashion faux pas, you must know how to properly accessorize. From going for the right accessory size to making sure you don’t choose the wrong colour, there’s so much to pay attention to when choosing your statement scarves, bags and jewellery. When in doubt, check out this ultimate guide for on-point accessorizing.

Size Matters

Proportion is everything when it comes to accessorizing. From your height to your overall body built, choosing accessories that visually overwhelm is the last thing you want for your look. Regardless of the rest of the outfit, if accessories don’t offer a wow effect, you might as well keep them in your wardrobe. It’s essential you match jewelery based on its size. If you want an oversized necklace, then you need to downplay the earrings game. A matching set of jewellery is only allowed if the bracelet, necklace, and ring are of a delicate size, that doesn’t yell trashy. When it comes to handbag, make sure you choose them according to your body type, so you don’t look too bulky but don’t get overshadowed by an accessory either.

Make a Statement With Prints and Patterns

Another golden rule of proper accessorizing is to look for prints and patterns that make a statement. That is especially important if you love to wear neutral hues. A white-on-white outfit will look gorgeous with an oversized scarf in leopard print, for instance. If you want to wear a pair of jeans with red patent pumps, a bag in camel with intricate black and white zebra details will be the perfect choice to defy the rules of footwear-handbag colour matching. Keep in mind that patterns and prints should never overlap. Avoid putting on a scarf in floral print and wearing a bag in snake one. Otherwise, your outfit will quickly go from chic to kitsch.

Find a Unique Design

Have you ever thought about wearing a bag with whimsical illustrations? That is just one of the unique elements a professional fashion illustrator can add to your favourite accessory and make it look stylish. No matter how basic your outfit is, if you add a handbag with a creative fashion illustration that you bought from a renowned fashion illustrator, you will quickly become the next trendsetter. Want to look like you got off the runway? Search for unique designs that will set you apart from other street style fashionistas.

Consider the Occasion

The occasion for which you’re accessorizing also matters when deciding between the scarf, necklace or bracelet you want to wear. Why not make yourself look more in vogue during a Zoom meeting with that glitzy necklace you just bought? Even if you opt for a t-shirt and a blazer, adding a trendy accessory will be a real game-changer. If you’re getting ready for a wedding, you’ll want classic and elegant pieces that scream glamour. Go for the latest trendy scarf when you pick out your date-night outfit. They will go perfectly with a trench coat or your fashionable leather jacket.

Make a Statement With One Item

We love that old saying that less is more.  That’s why you can create your best ensemble by picking out only one statement accessory piece. What do you think about an oversized hat for your summer outings? A designer handbag in a vibrant colour is all you need to juxtapose your neutral black outfit. An oversized necklace will look flawless on its own if you match it with a simple dress or a pantsuit get-up. No need for earrings and bracelets because the focus should be on the necklace. The last thing you want is to look like you’ve put all of your jewellery on yourself.

Not sure how to accessorize your next outfit? No problem. Accessorizing is an art, and everyone can quickly become an artist in that area. All you need to do is learn a few basic rules that will stop you from going overboard and looking tacky. Feel free to consult our ultimate guide to stay trendy all the time, and have your outfits on point regardless of the occasion.

Diana Smith

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