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Well, it’s that time of year again, or should I say, the day that many singles dread, it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a day filled with love, hearts, flowers, chocolates, and oh yeah, couples too. I thought I’d reach out to all of the singles out there who have explored online dating, because on Valentine’s Day, what better day to start something new and open the door to the opportunity of meeting someone special.

Many of us out there have tried online dating, but with little to no success. Online dating can be very tough for many people, and for many reasons, which some of I’ve written about in numerous articles, explaining why dating sites are so toxic. But although dating sites are pretty toxic, they’re also a way to meet someone new. I’m sure that we’d all like to meet someone face-to-face, by coincidence or fate have you. But with many people’s busy work schedules, dreading the bar scene, and simply not getting out enough, dating sites are a convenient and easy option.

I wanted to go over a few things that I’ve seen with online dating profiles, and help those who are interested in meeting someone special to maximize their chances. First of all, what you write does matter, and it’s not all about the pictures. The people who tend to care more about the pictures that you post on a dating site, are likely aren’t really looking for much depth to a person, but more of a flavour of the week time of experience. Now, you can’t change other people’s actions, but you can change your own. In other words, it’s important to put a little effort and thought into what you write on your profile.

When writing a profile, it’s important to remember that the people who will read your profile have likely clicked on your picture because it appealed to them in some way, and because they’d like to learn more about you on a deeper level. Well, on a deeper level—online dating style. I know, I know, you can’t really get to know someone on a deeper level in online dating or on any form of social media for that matter. But there’s a way of writing a profile in which you can express yourself and show a small side of who you are on the inside.

When people have pure intentions, and are using online dating as a tool to meet someone in with hopes to start something meaningful and possibly long-term, you’re going to appreciate when a person writes a profile that sounds authentic and genuine. So remember to first and foremost, keep it real, and be as genuine as possible. Let people see a glimpse of the real you.

The next thing that you should do when writing your profile summary, is to write enough content, but without going overboard. Write a small description of what you’re looking for in a partner, as well as a little bit about yourself and what you bring to the table. Now for many people, this can be a bit challenging, because first of all, not a lot of people like to write about themselves and it makes them feel awkward, as if they’re being arrogant or something. On the contrary, people are reading your profile because they want to get to know a little bit more about you, more than a simple photo.

Another great thing to remember when writing your profile, is to stay positive and optimistic. No one wants to hear your sob stories, and especially, right off the bat. People will see you as negative, pessimistic and jaded even, if you start writing a long list of expectations or a long list of what you don’t want in a partner. No matter how many bad dates you’ve gone on, and no matter how long it’s taking you to find your soulmate, stay optimistic for yourself, and in order to be more appealing to others.

Last but not least, be honest. If you start a new situation with lies, you might end up dating someone who will find it to be a huge turn off and not only judge you for it, but they might not want to see you again because of it. And it doesn’t matter whether you lie on your dating profile about your age, whether you’re posting old pictures that look nothing like you, about your job, your income, or anything else that you may write, because a lie is a lie. When you’re starting out any new situation, you should be brutally honest, so that a person can see who you really are, and without having to dig through a mud of lies first.

I’ve seen many people who will post certain things on their profile, but then when they meet someone in person, the confessed to their baby white lies or what have you and they’ll think that it’s O.K. because they confessed to their dishonesty. Unfortunately, like I said before, ally is a lie and even if you confessed to it, it’s still make you come across as very dishonest, that’s just a very bad way of starting a new situation.

On a final note, when you’re writing your profile summary, be open, but not so open to the point where you tell someone your whole life story. I mean after all, it is online dating and some things are better left off of the Internet. But also, no one wants to think that you’re carrying a lot of baggage around with you, and if you write it, it will seem as if your life story is simply a big ton of baggage, instead of just experiences that you’ve gone through.

It’s one thing to be open book and to share certain things with someone, but it’s another thing when people start getting way too deep in an online dating profile. Remember to keep things light and simple, but to let people see into your personality, even if it’s just a little bit. And to all of the singles out there on this special Valentine’s Day, I wish you a very happy day, and I truly hope that you find your match very soon.

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One thought on “Some Tips on How to Write an Online Dating Profile

  1. Thanks @Anne for these helpful tips. Yes, normally people find it difficult to write the dating profile well in the online dating sites. But whatever they write, it doesn’t mean that they are like that. They want to convey something, but write something different. Well, many women don’t like to write much about them as they don’t want to be a vicitim of internet stalking or catfishing. But as you said, they should write in such a simple short way that, it should convey the real you a bit. Apart from that, if we talk about the catfishing, online daters can take safety precuations like the background checking that would reveal a lot of secrets.

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