Why Is This Generation More Socially Aware Than Their Predecessors?



The world seems to have turned upside down in the past decade. Almost every country has undergone significant cultural, political and social changes. In this era of social media, everything we do leaves a trace. The present generation, empowered with technology, is aware of their actions and repercussions. Memes, Instagram hashtags, and tweets are in vogue among the younger crowd. And now that the Millennial generation is on the cusp of adulthood, things are about to get better! Or are they? What exactly has changed over the generations? Why is this shift so revolutionary? As a millennial, I am going to be talking about all this and more below.

Tech-Savvy and Transparent

Millennials are tech-savvy, but not dependent on technology like the later generations. Nor are millennials cribbing about the perils of technology like the boomers. We are witness to the rise of social media and its eventual evolution into the dynamic space it is today. We recognize the perks of technology, incorporating it into our everyday life. Recent times have also seen a rise in e-commerce and online marketing. Information is an invaluable asset for brands that want to expand their global reach.

Gone are the day when brands followed a generic marketing solution. People today demand specialized, tailor-made services. Yet, the rising trend of transparency is not limited to commercial ventures. The current generation is more tolerant and diverse in its approach. The openness and inclusivity show in our everyday interaction with people as well.

Millennials actively work towards a greener, more sustainable planet. People are no longer satisfied with the conventional 9-5 job opportunities. A career is no longer limited to a higher pay-scale but job satisfaction. Gen Y wants a productive career, one that is in sync with their passion. This has led to a rise in unconventional career choices. Bloggers, social media influencers, Youtubers, content creators are popular career paths

Impact and Inclusivity


The boomers, now making up a significant chunk of the elderly folk, shaped the society and psyche of the future generations. Back in the day, the social order was more centralized, standardized and rigid. The young adults now have to capacity to rethink their values. 

The tweens of the 21st century are aware of their actions. Their choices aim at making the world a better, safer and more inclusive space. The young activists, working towards reforming the society, figure out proactive solutions. The population explosion of the 80s left a massive dent in the planet’s resources. The community we grew up in believed in the economic oppression of the poor and marginalized. , the present generation is taking a step forward to change that.

Education and easy access to information widen our understanding of our surroundings. Using advance tools and technologies, students can learn more than what’s part of their curriculum. Millennial activists, empowered with this education, create a liberal, open and accepting space. Individuals today have the freedom to break free from the unyielding norms that earlier stifled them. We see a rise in multiple genders, faiths, orientations, and sexualities. Legal reforms decriminalizing LGBT relationships is a step in the right direction

The Rise of Social Responsibility


The present generation of young adults grew up in a period of chaos and transition. They had to enter the workforce at the time when the world economy was down in the dumps. But, we had better technology and the power of the internet backing us up. This gave us global exposure and instant accessibility to resources.

Startup ventures popped up in every industry diluting the competition. However, these companies were not solely profit-oriented. Students and activists wanting to make a difference can refer to this paper on “Social Community and Actions”. It discusses how our choices shape the community we thrive in.

The millennials evolved as a diverse bunch, growing in a period of economic recession and technological boom. This generation is both practical and idealistic, frugal and generous with their resources. People from this era have a diverse range of opinions, perceptions, and impressions. The present crowd of adults doesn’t make notable charities as their parents did. Millennials believe in creating social impact through effective communication and proactive measures.

report generated by the Global Corporate Sustainability organization discusses millennials and their social awareness. The study, published in 2015, shows 66% of millennial volunteers willing to pay extra for a sustainable, eco-friendly product. This generation believes in making small-scale contributions for a holistic impact.

Asking the Right Questions


Millennials have been the primary driving force shaping society the way we see it. This generation believes in questioning the bigoted, dogmatic stereotypes prevalent before them. The young adults of this age are raising pertinent questions about the gender gap, racism, sexism, and religious dogmas. This has encouraged people to contribute to the conversation, leading to social, legal and political reforms.

Millennials are also known to be more open towards different religious, racial, sexual and gender identities. This generation has created a safe space for people to come out and own their identities. The change even reflects in the language we use. Gender-neutral pronouns are acceptable and racial slurs censored from mainstream platforms. Also, the stigma around mental illness has drastically reduced over the past few years. Seeking therapy or talking about depression and anxiety is no longer frowned upon,

People who are currently in their tweens were the first ones to explore the wonders of technology. Growing up in the age of transition, the Gen Y was the link connecting the boomers and Gen Z. The millennials hence had the best and worst of both worlds.

The Bottom Line

Millennials have confounded both their preceding generations and the upcoming ones. This generation combines the best of maturity and idealism. The youth is pragmatic, individualistic and unafraid of raising their voices against injustice. And with the increasing popularity of social media, the world has come a lot closer. Anyone with an idea and an internet connection can raise their voice.

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