Rookie Mistakes That Stop You From Gaining Followers on Instagram



Have you reached a point in giving up your influencer dream on Instagram when you have just started yet? Are you getting worried that it would be a waste of time to struggle for more Instagram followers?

If you have done it correctly, you could reach the milestone of gaining more followers weekly. However, it is challenging to climb up the ranks. Or getting a hundred followers, perhaps. Indeed, it may take a lot of time to build up your Instagram profile.

But it would be much easier if you had done it the right way. In this article, let’s discuss some rookie mistakes that stop you from gaining followers on Instagram. Learn from it and use it to be a successful influencer everybody loves.

Lack of Engagement

The success of your Instagram profile lies in the way you engage with your audience. Of course, your followers are your asset. You wouldn’t be there on the Instagram platform if it weren’t for them. Try to be active in responding to every comment and query as much as possible. You will need that extra engagement to maintain your status in your niche.

Spammy Hashtags

When you start your Instagram journey, one big turn of events is using hashtags. That will become handy for users to find you in the space. Using hashtags can help, but overdoing them won’t. Never spam every post with numerous hashtags, as it will become irritating to see.

Not-So-Optimized Bio

Don’t just waste your bio with unnecessary texts. Optimize them to lure in more people to follow you. Be creative so that they’ll immediately know what you are doing. Entice them with catchy words that will make them your loyal followers.

Buying Followers and Likes

Once you go into Instagramming, you often see services that will compel you to purchase, such as buying followers and likes. It might be enticing, but you will need more than that in the long run. This kind of service is a scam with fake accounts and bots included. If you want to be credible, stay as authentic as you can.

Manifesting Success Right Away

You should know first-hand that success is not an overnight mission. It will take time to achieve your first milestone. While you can have it with dedication and commitment, don’t expect too much. Having false hopes can be disheartening. Trust the process, and eventually, success will lead your way.

And there you have it! Avoid the abovementioned mistakes at all costs. If you want to gain more followers and become stable as you run your Instagram profile, focus on a goal and plan a strategy. Post relevant and high-quality content to be loved by your followers even more.

Be consistent with it and have countermeasures when you experience a roadblock. Learn from your mistakes and get yourself ahead of the competition. Never lose hope in achieving your dreams as an influencer. Start SMART!


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