10 Hacks to Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long



There is nothing more tasking than making sure that your makeup looks just as good after your workday as it was in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you are dancing and sweating the whole day or you are sitting in an office you will want your makeup to stay put. So here are 10 hacks that will make your makeup last the whole day. 

1. Start with Fresh Skin 

There is nothing more important than doing makeup on a nice clean surface. That is because your natural skin oils will make your makeup shine and crease. You are starting with a clean face to remove any dirt and excess oils. By cleaning your face first, you are making sure that the makeup will stick better and be more even. 

2. Always Use Primer 

The next step is using a primer. A primer is there to lock in everything and to make your face a smooth and even surface for your makeup. It will also prevent your makeup from smearing off therefore it will stay on your face longer. 

3. Pick the Foundation Formula

Picking the right foundation formula is one of the biggest parts of getting your makeup to stay on your face. If you have an oily face and you pick a heavily oil-based foundation it will just slide off your face. That is why mat foundations tend to last longer than dewy ones. Choose ones that say that have 24-hour wear because they will stay on all day. 

4. Always Set with a Powder

Another thing that is very important in your makeup routine is the setting powder. A setting powder is there as its name says to set the liquid product that is on your face. It will even allow a bit more coverage if that is something you like. 

5. Use Waterproof Products

There is nothing better than waterproof makeup products. They are not only good for rainy or hot days but they are also good if you have oily skin. Another thing that is popular in very warm and humid places like Australia are eyebrow tattoos. There are many places that specialize in eyebrow tattoos in Sydney because they won’t melt away if it’s raining or when you are sweating. 

6. Sometimes Less Product is More

What a lot of girls don’t know is that sometimes less makeup is more. Caking up more makeup doesn’t mean that it will last longer. It will melt away faster than applying a light layer of makeup.

7. Always Use Setting Spray

As its name says setting spray is there to set your makeup in place. That means that I will prevent it from melting away. When you are applying the stem spray you will need to let it dry without touching your face. 

8. Layer the Lip Products

The rule less is better doesn’t apply to lip products. By layering your lip products, you will create a long-lasting look. There is nothing thicker than making your lip products stay on all day. First, you will want to put on chapstick to make sure your lips are moisturized. Then you will want to apply a lip liner that is the colour of your lip product. After your lip liner, you will want to apply the lip product. But you can never go wrong with applying a second coat of your lip colour. That way you are making sure it will last through at least one meal. 

9. Blot Instead of Reapplying

Even though it is quite tempting to reapply your foundation throughout the day, you shouldn’t do that. Instead of applying use blotting paper. If you reapply your foundation it will end up looking cakey, but if you blot it you will take off the oil that is making your foundation melt. 

10. Don’t Touch Your Face

This one is important even if you don’t have any makeup on your face. When you are touching your face, you are just whipping all the makeup with your hand no matter how good your primer and foundation are. Do your best not to rub your face or rest on your hands if you want your makeup to stay intact. 

In the end, making your makeup last all day shouldn’t be difficult. All you need to do is pick the right products and apply them correctly. 


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