9 Best Charming Gift Ideas for Women



There may be plenty of women in your life: sisters, wives, aunts, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughter, friends, BFFs—the list goes on and on. With so many powerful women on your side, you’re going to need plenty of gift ideas for them when special occasions come around. When shopping a gift for a woman, you want to be sure you get her a gift she truly adores.

Consider this post as your gift checklist for all the feisty ladies in your life. Here, 9 of the best gifts for women. Pick one out to give her on a specific occasion or to surprise her just because—you know she deserves it!

1. Lovely Personalized Set of Name Earrings

Add a pair of lovely personalized name earrings to her collection.  They are simple, understated, and perfect for someone young who just got their ears pierced or someone who is making an entire pierced ear statement. A dainty set of personalized earrings can be customized to include her name, nickname, or any other short phrase.

2. Generously Roomy Leather Wallet

Now that minimalism is a thing, help her downsize her day-to-day essentials with a compact spacious leather wallet. Although it can be small enough to fit in her pocket or evening clutch, it can still hold multiple cards and a short stack of cash.

3. A Unique Customized Mosaic Photo Frame

Mosaic photo frame, another great mnemonic gift that you can present her. Pick-out all her best photos & roll them into one grand photo frame, this brings the best out of images as it is colorful and a beautiful treat to her eyes. As simple as it sounds, you can easily order a mosaic frame online—entirely personalized to your liking.

4. A Cute and Practical Wireless Charger

Since charging pads are useful tech gifts, many are made with generic and unsightly black or white plastic. If she’s assembled her fair share of gadgets over the years, then it’s time to introduce her to the wonderful world of wireless chargers. A desk-friendly wireless charger stand can charge her smartphone, apple watch, AirPods, and apple pencil simultaneously without cluttering her space with fussy cords and cables.

5. A Sophisticated Spa Set

Looks like self-care Sunday is about to get even better. They’ll love wrapping themselves in a soft robe while lighting a vanilla-scented candle for a feeling of absolute serenity. A spa set can be the perfect gift for a girlfriend or a wife or a significant other.

6. Wholesome Box of Chocolates

If she’s a sweet-toothed, there’s nothing better than an exciting medley of world-famous fine chocolates in addicting flavours. Almost too pretty to eat, but also too mouth-watering not to. Gift her in a luxurious gold gift box adorned with a lush ribbon. Set it out with some bubbly, and you’re sure to make the sweetest impression possible!

7. Alarm Clock For The Morning Person

If she is a morning person or struggles to wake up in the morning, a fancy alarm clock will surely come in handy for her. She will never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again. Every single time it rings, it will definitely remind her of you, making it another great mnemonic gift on the list!

8. A Luxury Women’s Bag

What do you get for someone who’s equally obsessed with style as she is with practicality? A luxury handbag gift like a roomy tote, secure crossbody, or structured satchel is the answer! She won’t even need to wear other accessories when they have a luxury bag to carry around with them.

9. Amazon Kindle Reader

While there’s no denying that flipping through real, paper pages is a wonderful feeling, an ebook reader is an excellent option if she’s the traveling type or if she’s a commuter. She can access her entire library of ebooks on this thing, which makes it easy to always dive into a new book. An Amazon Kindle Reader is the perfect gift if she’s a bookworm.

Well there it is, whether she’s a: girlfriend, BFF, co-worker, mother, aunt, wife—you’ll surely impress them from these 9 charming gift ideas for women!


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