7 Self-Loving Ways To Improve Your Appearance as a Busy Mom



Having children is the most wonderful thing in the world. But when you took on this respectable role, you probably had to make a few compromises. With such a busy lifestyle, you might think that your old, fresh appearance is a thing of the past; however, it doesn’t have to be so. Taking care of your body and your appearance even as you juggle the countless tasks of a busy mom is important. It’s what will boost your self-esteem and make you feel good in your skin. So, give yourself some love with the following tips and rediscover your beauty.

1. Try To Rest

While it may seem impossible with the kids constantly needing your attention and household chores piling up, it’s important that you do take enough time to rest. Burning yourself out and running on a few hours of sleep will not only wear out your appearance. But it will ruin your health as well. There is no skincare product more effective than a good night’s sleep, so try to delegate some tasks and turn in earlier. Get away for at least one afternoon per week to spend some time just by yourself. Those couple hours of babysitter fees will be worth it.

2. Maintain Your Skincare Routine

Few people can boast flawless skin, and a few imperfections here and there don’t mean you’re not pretty. However, healthy skin is beautiful skin, so your best bet at feeling radiant is by nourishing it. We all know skincare only works if it’s consistent, and this will be the hardest part of the process. Be sure to take all of your makeup off every night, wash your face thoroughly and apply the appropriate products for your skin type. Be gentle to yourself and your skin will feel better and healthier with nourishment!

3. Stay Hydrated

Besides nourishing your skin from the outside, it’s also a good idea to give it a helping hand from the inside. When running around all day, we often forget to even stop and have a drink of water. However, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of refreshing liquids throughout the day is important both for your appearance and for your health. It helps prevent breakouts, too. So, always have your water bottle at hand. Add some fruits to your drink for a vitamin boost!

4. Have Your Makeup Staples

When you hardly have time to throw a glance at yourself in the mirror in the morning rush, it’s difficult to find time for complicated makeup routines. Instead of despairing, get creative and you’ll be able to look presentable in just a couple of minutes. The key is finding your staple products. Those that do double-duty are particularly helpful for busy moms. Concealer will help you hide those dark under-eyes and no one will be able to tell that your little one gave you a rough night again. A lipstick that doubles as blush or even eyeshadow will help you create a cohesive look.

5. Say Goodbye to Your Old Clothes

While they often say that clothes don’t make the man, the fact of the matter is that they do make a quite powerful first impression. If you no longer feel comfortable in your old clothes or don’t find them flattering, perhaps it’s time for a therapeutic shopping spree. Clothes that fit not only make you look much better; they also make you feel better in your skin and help you act confidently. However, instead of trendy clothes that are all over the racks at the moment but will vanish after the season is over, try to invest in fewer but higher-quality pieces that will be able to withstand the busy lifestyle of a mom. New clothes will make you feel like a whole new person!

6. Refresh Your Hairstyle

Doing our hair is perhaps the most time-consuming part of getting ready. However, skipping it is certainly a no-no. If you’re struggling with your current hairstyle, going for a change can make your life easier. An easy-to-maintain cut that will not require hours of styling every time you wash it will make all the difference. Busy city moms can also get their hair colored for a fresh look without having to worry about harsh chemicals at an organic hair salon in Sydney. If you find your hair problematic, a professional at a hair salon will also be able to suggest you practical treatments. For instance, go for a smoothing treatment if you’re struggling with frizz and you’ll love the result!

7. Confidence Is Key

Finally, remember that beauty comes from within. How you feel about yourself will reflect in your demeanor. So, send the right message with a confident posture and a cheerful disposition. If you feel beautiful in your skin, people around you will be able to tell. So, practice positive self-talk when you look at the mirror and try to love your body, including the signs that you have given birth to a baby. You’re an invincible mom, and what can be more amazing than that?

No one needs and deserves a bit of pampering that will make them feel beautiful more than busy moms. Don’t neglect your own needs, but be sure to rest a lot and keep your body in top shape. Devoting a little bit of attention to your appearance in the right ways will make all the difference!


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