10 Wedding Preparations You Should Never Forget



Gearing yourself and your partner for a wedding requires lots of preparations. Things may overwhelm you along the process and will eat so much of your time. With all the matters you have to think about, you may forget some important stuff. To help you with that, here are some critical ten wedding preps you should always remember:

1. Getting a Reliable Catering Service

Though there are many catering packages for a wedding you can see on the Internet and even advertises offline, you have to get the one that is reliable and trustworthy. Hire the provider that is ready to answer your queries and gives you the best option, knowing your limitations (such as time and budget constraints).

Also, a tip, don’t forget to maximize the food tasting! Aside from it is free, food tasting gives you a hint of what it would be like on your wedding day. Will your guests enjoy your food if you get this caterer? You decide with your partner or a reliable colleague or relative.

2. Asking for Guests’ Food and Other Allergies

In line with the previous point, it would not take so much of your time to know if your visitors have allergies, particularly in food. If you know them well enough, then it saves effort. But if not, a quick chat or call will do just to check if they have some food restrictions. It is also an excellent way to build rapport with them because you are concerned with their diet and whatnot.

Note that allergies are not just for food. If you have any decorations that you think can trigger one’s allergies, maybe you need to consider some alternatives to it.

3. Never Skip Ocular or Site Visitations

From the wedding venue down to the reception, be observant! Of course, you won’t be able to take note your observations if you will skip site visitations. Wedding preparations take time, and you should be aware of it from the start. In short, you have to make time (not just find the time) for all the things you need to arrange for your wedding.

Few of the things you should take notice of in every venue you visit are the area, lighting, ventilation, and entrance and exit points. You can also ask if there are rooms readily available.

4. Coordinating With Your Wedding Entourage

Checking on your wedding entourage from time to time is essential. First, ask them if they are available on your wedding date, if their clothes are okay, or if they have any concerns with regard to your wedding. If you know that they can take care of themselves, then it’s fine. But if they need assistance, you should be ready to give a helping hand.

5. Marriage License and Other Vital Documents

If you think you don’t have to prepare for any files prior to your wedding date, surprise! You have to get your marriage license a few weeks before the big day. Aside from such, there are other necessary documents like certificate of non-marriage also known as cenomar. You have to get other requirements if you are getting married in a Church.

Plus, you have to attend a number of seminars as well.

6. Finalize Your Wedding Clothes

Wedding gown and suit should be finalized at least a couple of days before the date. We don’t want any stress from the simple things like clothing, right? Aside from the attire of the soon-to-be-wedded couple, there is also a necessity to follow up the dress of your guests and wedding entourage. It doesn’t mean that you are going to give them their clothes but just a check on what they should and about to wear. Make sure that they are going to follow your wedding motif!

7. Sending Out Formal Invitations

In this digital age, people resort to sending invitations thru email and social media accounts. Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with that. However, it would be more memorable and only proper to give out formal invitations, and better if you can hand them personally. It gives a more personal touch to your wedding. Again, it is essential for the guests to feel that you are anticipating their presence on your special day.

8. Having People to Cover the Event

You might think that it is just fine not to hire any photographer since many of us have smartphones – but no. If you want to have good pictures and coverage of your special day, get a good photographer. You don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands; you can ask a colleague that has photography and videography skills.

If you don’t have any wedding coordinator and other managers for your wedding, you can ask a friend or relative to help you organize the picture taking and whatnot. You should also help your photographers to make your shoot or photo op as smooth as possible.

9. Create a To-Do List and Check on It Once in a While

Each wedding is unique. You may have more or fewer preparations than other couples, and their checklist is different from yours. One of the most effective ways to keep track of your progress as the wedding day approaches is to have a to-do list. Review it once in a while and see if there are other things you need to work on as soon as possible. This list will be your ultimate guide to your big day.

10. Lastly, Prepare Yourself and Your Partner

No amount of preparation and to do lists can make you 100% ready. You and your partner should be prepped up to whatever will come your way. Things may get stressful and overwhelming but keep in mind that it will all be worth it. Right?

Nevertheless, reading some books and guides might also help you and your partner. You may also watch some videos and posts online just for the both of you to get a feel for a wedding. But of course, your wedding will be something different from the ones you have watched or read. 

There you have it! Do you think we missed anything essential to your big day? Share your idea with us!

Janice Jaramillo

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