7 Ways to Safeguard Your Kids From Home Accidents



Kids are curious. They are also fussy. They can create a ruckus without meaning to, but you still love them. That is why home safety tops the list of your priorities.

You must consider home safety when looking for a home at Trece Martires. The same goes when you begin to decorate your home located in the South of Manila. If you wish to know how to integrate home safety tips into your home setup and layout, you must read the tips below.

Identify the risks.

An adult-friendly home is not the same as a child-friendly home. There can be potential hazards to your child you might not be aware. Begin securing your home by identifying the risks in your home. Afterward, find out how you can prevent or eliminate them.

Even if you remove or prevent these hazards, children can still stumble and fall. Hence, you must supervise and watch over your kids. As they grow and understand things happening around them, you can begin teaching them about the hazards as well as the safety precautions they can practice.

Stop and break your child’s fall.

According to Raising Child Network, falling is the most common cause of injuries and visits to hospitals. To prevent it from occurring in your home, you can install safety guards on windows, stairs, and balconies especially those on upper floors and units.

Leave a light in the hall or use sensor lights to prevent children from tripping when going to the bathroom. You can also switch on a night light or an energy-efficient torch so you can look after your child at night safely.

Keep hot water away from the little one’s prying hands.

Place your child away from the fire, hot surfaces, and heated tools. As much as possible, guide your child away from things that burn and produce heat. Examples of such appliances are heaters, microwaves, ovens, and stoves.

Besides appliances and tools, hot water and hot baths cause burns and scalds for babies and children. To prevent injuries and scalds, keep hot water away from their prying hands. When running a bath, mix cold water with the hot water coming out of the faucet to get the right temperature.

Prevent house fires using smoke alarms.

Cooking accidents, cigarettes, candles, incense, lighters, matches and faulty electric wiring can all cause fires. Practice fire safety by keeping all of these in check and stowing them in hard to reach places. That way, you can minimize the cause of fire accidents.

You can also keep fire-related accidents at bay by using smoke alarms or detectors. Each floor of your home must have one functioning alarm. Test your alarms every month and replace batteries each year.  It’s also advisable to install a smoke alarm in bedrooms where doors you keep your doors closed.

Create a child-friendly environment by keeping household chemicals and medicines out of sight.

Children under five like to open cabinets and drawers and play with the contents. They can get ahold of your cleaning agents, household chemicals, and medicines. These mixtures and solutions can cause food poisoning when ingested.

To create a safe home for your child, you can throw away the items that can result in poisoning, store chemicals in high places and lock them afterward. You can also use a child-safety latch on doors and cupboards, so kids won’t be able to open its doors.

Avoid strangulation and suffocation by having the right home items.

Regular home items like bedding, blinds, cords, ropes, bags, and boxes can cause strangle or suffocate your child. Soft toys and packaging can also be a  hazard when children are left by themselves.

To keep your child safe from suffocation and strangulation, you must keep stuffed toys, large cushions, and piles of clothing out of the crib. Hang blinds and cords at least 1.6 m above the floor. Ensure it is attached to the wall. Always keep plastic bags after use so your child won’t play with them.

Practice caution around glass windows and doors.

You might be aware of the closed window or balcony door, but your child might not be. Hence, you must also watch out for glass. Children running around can bump into it and break it.

To stay safe around glass windows and doors, place a sticker at eye level. You can also install safety glass windows and doors for protection. Last but not the least, you must use shatter-resistant films to glass windows and doors if you’re in an old home.

These are some of the home safety tips to can observe in your home whether in the city or in a town like Trece Martires
. As your children grow and learn how to do things, you must be aware and alert for new hazards. Your home must be a safe and child-friendly place to raise a child and grow your family. That way, you are sure to live in peace and be secured for their future.

Janice Jaramillo

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