3 Types of Workouts to Try if You’re New to the Gym



To overstate the obvious, being a new gym member is daunting. Trainers reveal a large number of newcomers never stepped in a gym before, or it’s been some time since they’ve said hello to a kettlebell.
One in five Americans (21.2%) belonged to a health club or studio in 2019, and every well-sculpted gym exemplar across the nation has endured their first workout.

Warm-up: Stimulating The Cardiovascular System

Before we get into three workout options, warming up is crucial. Warming up stimulates the cardiovascular system, increasing body temperature and vital blood flow to the muscles, lessening soreness. This will also prevent any injury or overstretching your muscles too much throughout the workout. 

Here is a beginner’s warm-up workout that’s sure to get you moving in the right direction:

  • From shoulder to shoulder slowly roll your head five circles in each direction.
  • Roll shoulders in a circular motion forward then backward ten times each way.
  • Twist torso ten times each side while keeping legs in a stationary position.
  • Stretch quads by holding each stretch for a minimum of five seconds. Complete three stretches on each side.

The biggest mistake new gym members tend to make is overdoing it. While it’s good to be enthusiastic about this new undertaking, too much too soon can result in injury and ultimately keep a new member from returning to the gym. If you’re nervous, you can always seek assistance from a personal trainer or gym worker. 

These three workouts are easy for beginning members:


1. Goblet Squat

This is a multi-purpose workout that trains all major lower body muscle groups and makes using
weight room equipment easy enough for anyone. With hands up and elbows pointed down, hold a kettlebell against the chest area. Drop into a squatting position until thighs are parallel with the ground, then in one swift movement, return to a standing position completing ten repetitions.

2. Dead Bug

While lying on a flat, extend arms toward the ceiling, raise legs, and bend knees at a 90-degree angle. Bring the right arm and left leg into a lowered position behind the head, allowing both limbs to straighten and hover just above the floor. Repeat with the opposite limbs for ten reps each. This will strengthen your core and give you a good foundation for future workouts. 

3. Glute Bridge

A bodyweight workout that helps activate those muscles that create a great butt. Lie with the back to the floor, knees in the bent position, and feet flat on the floor. While squeezing the gluteal area, raise the hips, so a straight line forms shoulder to knee. This is a great exercise to try if you’re only comfortable doing home workouts right now and/or aren’t quite ready to start using gym equipment.

Always remember before starting a fitness routine always get a doctor’s permission primarily if underlying conditions exist. You might even want to consult a fitness trainer to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly to avoid injury. Be confident, be proud, and know everyone equally belongs.


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