4 Benefits to Getting Engagement Photos in Your Wedding Photography Package


4-Benefits-to-Getting-Engagement Photos-in-Your-Wedding-Photography-Package

After getting engaged, life can seem like a whirlwind of decision making. When faced with the choice of what photographer to hire for both the engagement and wedding day photos, couples should consider the option of using the same photographer. While some couples choose to hire separate photographers for both days, working with the same photographer through the entire process has its advantages. Read on for four reasons to get engagement photos as part of the wedding photography package.

1. Get to Know the Photographer

Waiting until the day of the wedding to work with a wedding photographer isn’t the best idea. Couples need time to get a sense of their photographer’s personality and shooting style, making it all the more important to have a photoshoot with them prior to the wedding day.

Hiring a photographer to shoot their engagement photos gives couples the opportunity to gain a sense of their photographer’s technique and get to know them before the big day. This also helps create a sense of familiarity to avoid stiff and awkward poses during the actual wedding and helps both parties establish their expectations for picture taking. It’s much better to have the trial and error phase happen during your engagement shoot than on the big day.

2. Shoot Pictures for Wedding Invitations

Struggling to come up with the best look when designing invitations for the wedding? While you’ll still need to choose the layout, paper quality, and overall design aesthetic, having an engagement shoot with a photographer will simplify the creation process.

With many elegant photos to choose from, couples can easily craft the most attractive wedding invitations. Many photographers also offer services in putting the photos together into wedding invitations for you. This means that your invitations will get a professional’s hand in choosing the colors, font, and text orientation for the most elegant effect.

3. Match Engagement Pictures with Wedding Pictures

Wedding photos are meant to be mementos that last a lifetime. Make these photos even more memorable by using the same photographer for both the engagement shoot and wedding day photography. This way, photos from each day will be shot in the same style.

You can even have the engagement and wedding photos paired into a single album to cover the entirety of your wedding events. Having the same photographer, in this case, will create a more uniform appearance to your album overall and avoid distracting style changes from pulling attention away from what the pictures contain.

4. Take Advantage of Discounted Services

There’s no way around it—weddings are quite costly. With couples averaging $5,000 for a photographer, it makes sense for couples to cut costs where they can. By bundling engagement photos with wedding day photography, engaged couples can take advantage of discounts on bundled services that they’d otherwise have to pay more for when working with multiple photographers. Using the same photographer can also allow for discounts on bundle offers such as the previously mentioned albums, or matching wedding and engagement picture frames.

The key to making the wedding preparation process more enjoyable is to avoid overcomplicating everything. Keep this information in mind as you get ready for the big day. Choosing to use the same photographer for your engagement photos will give you the freedom to focus your energy on other pressing wedding preparations.


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