Complete Guide for Beautiful Maternity Photography Poses



Taking maternity photos is all the rage on social media. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor setting, you can always take advantage of the following tips to pull off some great poses. That way, you can add some variety to the whole photography session, but the bump is the main focus and create amazing memories.

Arms and Face Should Be Away From the Body

Most people take their maternity photoshoots around the 7th and 9th months. During this time, the belly is actually rounder in shape. However, the legs, arms, and face often swell around the same time. 

That’s because walking around a lot or retaining excess water helps the baby grow and develop properly. During the photo session, it’s a great idea to keep your face away from your neck. Rather, you should push your chin towards the camera to avoid squished necks or a double chin. 

Play Around and Have Fun With the Camera

A maternity photoshoot doesn’t have to be tender and intimate. You can also play around and have a lot of fun. You can dance or walk around but simply put you need to enjoy the moment.

For instance, you can talk to each other and say something nice to your spouse. It’s a great way to pull off the natural expressions, and it will make a great photo. Actually, it’s a great way to capture a natural moment when you are both expressing yourself naturally. 

Building Poses

The great thing about a maternity photoshoot is that you can actually build and create amazing poses without being forced to move around a lot. When you stay in one spot, you can relax. Imagine being forced to walk around when you are 8 months pregnant. It’s tiring! 

Some easy poses include facing each other with one hand embracing the growing belly. You can also look down at the belly together or look at each other. Also, you can look at the camera while the dad-to-be looks at the belly. You can also hug a little tighter, hold hands or kiss. 

Bodies Are Different 

Remember, your body is completely different from any other mom-to-be. Therefore, not all poses will work for each mom and you might not feel comfortable getting into some poses. 

Make sure the photographer knows about your discomfort to avoid bad results. If you want to pull off great photos, you need to look and feel comfortable in front of the camera and in your current setting. 

Include the Older Children

You don’t necessarily have to focus your maternity session on your belly. If you want older children, you should also bring them along. It will create amazing photos when the older children are interacting with the belly as well as their parents. 

Some great photos here would include the whole family playing, walking or simply interacting. It will make the whole session more natural especially if you allow the older children to participate willingly. 

Hands and Legs

A maternity photoshoot is about the growing belly. Therefore, the focus should remain on the couple and the belly. However, hands and legs work as great props for the whole session. 

You can place your hands below the belly. Also, you can place one hand above the belly and the other below it. Another option is placing one hand above and slightly to the side of the belly and the other one at the opposite end.

You can also rub your belly as you would when you are alone. Make sure you place your hands with the fingers close together. Also, your hands should be overlapping but should not overwhelm the belly because it is the main focus.


Your clothes also play a great role in maternity photoshoots. You should choose tight body dresses or shirts because they will highlight your bump. You can also add belts above the belly to accentuate it.

Using different types of clothes for the shoot can also create amazing poses. Therefore, you will not be stuck with the hands-on belly, especially if the shirt or dress doesn’t highlight the bump as it is supposed to. 

Props and Accessories

Having a spring maternity photoshoot is a great way to capture your excitement over your new baby. If you have chosen a name for your baby or know the gender, you can include this in the photoshoot. 

Therefore, you should inform the photographer about these props and accessories earlier on. That way, they have a great idea of how to incorporate it into the whole shoot. 

For instance, do you want to include tiny baby shoes? Then inform your photography so they can allow for different poses with the shoes such as holding them close to the belly or on the floor. 

Dad-to-Be With the Belly

Just because the mom-to-be should be the main focus of the maternity shoot, it doesn’t mean that the dad-to-be can’t have fun with the camera. He can have some amazing poses that will create amazing memories. For instance, he can kneel down and get really close to the belly with both hands to each side.

He can also talk to the bully and enjoy being close to it. He can stand behind the mom-to-be and place his hands on the belly. He can look at the camera then down at the belly. Let him feel like he is a part of the photo session to create intimate photos. 

Mom Alone

As the mom-to-be, you should also take a few photos alone.  You can embrace your bump and let the photographer take a good solid portrait. It will create amazing photos. 

You can also pose in flattering ways to create more warmth. For instance, you can pose at a 45-degree angle from the photographer to focus on the silhouette of the growing belly, especially when your belly is quite small. It’s your time to shine so take the spotlight and showcase those amazing poses for the best photos.

You can rub your belly and talk to the baby growing inside you. Smile and look down at the bump. Imagine yourself meeting the baby and creating authentic expressions for the portraits. Remember, it needs to feel natural and authentic because that’s the best way to pull off amazing photographs.

If you want to pull off a great maternity photo shoot, you need to learn how to cooperate with the photographer and with the dad-to-be. In most cases, you don’t need props to create great photos but rather, the simplest poses.


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