4 Casual Tips to Strengthen Strained Sibling Relationships



Siblings share a special bond that other people will never be able to share. They grew up together in the same household. Unfortunately, even the closest siblings can get into a rift. Whether it’s one big incident or it happened over time, it’s important to get the relationship back on track. Here are 4 casual tips to strengthen a strained sibling Relationship.

1. Make the First Move

Many feuds last for far too long because the siblings are stubborn and no one wants to make the first call. Bite the bullet and call your sibling. Once you make the initial phone call, it extends an olive branch. You may be surprised how receptive your sibling is.

You don’t have to write a long letter, you can start with a simple text stating that you were thinking about them. Let them know and start with baby steps. It may feel uncomfortable at first because you are changing the dynamic of your relationship. That isn’t always a bad thing. Start talking about things you have in common. This can be simple as your love for your nephews or nieces, your favorite movies, or a sports team you like. Start with what you have in common and then open up more.

2. Meet in Public

When people are in public, they tend to be much more mindful about their tone of voice as to not cause a scene. If you and your sibling have a tendency to get into arguments when you talk, it could be best to go to a sports bar or a coffee shop. You will be forced to speak in relatively muted levels throughout the interaction, helping to deescalate things when the conversation starts to go in a certain direction.

You can keep the conversation on the game or the good food without worrying about the conversation lacking. It is more likely that everyone will be on their best behavior in a neutral public place. If you meet at each other’s houses you may feel a difference in power dynamics that may make you or them uncomfortable.

3. Be the Better Person

You should not go into the conversation demanding an apology. You should go into the conversation wanting peace. This means having a good attitude, not bringing up the past, apologizing, and forgiving. Your sibling might not have it particularly easy. Even if they seem to try and push your buttons, suck it up for the greater good.

4. Keep it Between You Two

Getting into arguments with your sibling is especially difficult since you are both so close to the same people. You may be tempted to vent to the people in your family or even try to get them on your side for support. You should do your best to avoid this to ensure others don’t get uncomfortable. You don’t want to get anyone else involved and fracture those relationships, too. Keep your problems between the two of you from this point on. When with others, make a point to be civil at the very least.

Life is short, and family is important. Don’t let anything come between you and your sibling. Follow these tips to open the lines of communication and make holidays and family gatherings much more comfortable.


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