Good Night and Sweet Dreams: Going to Sleep on a Happy Note


It’s important to say goodnight to your loved one before going to sleep. As well, when in an argument, you should always make up before going to bed, and never leave on a sour note. Saying goodnight and sweet dreams is imperative, and not just saying it, but saying it from the heart. Someone once told me that it’s nice to say that to everyone, not just to the one that you love.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is essential in order for people to be happy, healthy, and in order to be on top of one’s game the next day. When we don’t get enough sleep, we end up becoming cranky, groggy, and not on our best game as far as mentally, emotionally, or physically. But even more so, when we don’t get enough sleep, we could end up getting sick. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s so important to get enough sleep. Having said that, when we’re dating, in a relationship, or married to someone, it’s of utter importance that we go to sleep on a peaceful, positive, and happy note.

When you truly care for someone, you have and maintain stability. When you have stability in your life as a couple or in general, you know and understand that nothing will dramatically change by the morning if you stop talking, discussing, or even arguing about something when it gets too late to talk further, and you desire to go to bed. If you drag conversations out for too long, you’ll lose sleep, and you likely won’t be able to think with the clearest of thoughts. It’s important to know that nothing will dramatically change by the morning, and that talking once again the next day will suffice when one or both people start to get tired.

In a life filled with constant and stable love, one’s feelings, and everything that two people as a couple have built with one another doesn’t suddenly disappear by taking a moment to recoup, or when someone wants to halt a late-night discussion until the morning, or the next day at some point. It’s important to talk, and hash things out, and more than anything, I believe in having great communication. Communication is the main ingredient in having a solid foundation in which a relationship should be built upon.

Remember, arguments happen, and we don’t and won’t always agree on everything with our partners, or people that we love. However, real love takes understanding, patience, effort, and good communication. When one person wants to talk and the other person is tired and desires to get some rest, it’s important to love that person enough, to be understanding, and to call it a night. End things on a kind, genuine, and sweet note, saying goodnight and sweet dreams. Let the person know that you love them.

It’s important to feel secure with the person who you’re with, and if you don’t, it’s not a good sign. Having said that, when you do feel secure with your loved one, send them to bed on a calm, loving, and peaceful note (read here), and you can resume your conversation in the morning. When you feel secure with your partner, you should know that nothing will change by the morning and that you can finish your bickering then or throughout the day (not that it’s something to look forward to).

I truly believe that people should make up before going to bed, not bring fights or disputes of any kind into the bedroom, and definitely to kiss goodnight, or at least say goodnight and sweet dreams to your lover. Many times we fight or argue out of love, or out of not feeling loved. It’s everything in a relationship when you can use self-control, and develop a good understanding of what really matters in life, and how short life is.

Let your partner know how much you care, and as often as possible. Let them know how you love them, appreciate them, and that you can discuss things further in the morning, but assure them that you love them. Don’t forget to let your feet touch (even when you’re a bit upset). Your feet must touch. Cuddling is supposed to be a part of unconditional love. Hey, these are my rules, so don’t question it, just go with it, and know that I’m right! If you’re not married yet or living together, your feet obviously cannot touch. However, you must still let your partner know with words how much you care before going to sleep, and even more so when you’re having a disagreement. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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  1. Lovely quotes! Everyone needs to have some in memory for special romantic moments. ideal to make your significant other melt to your words!

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