4 Entrepreneur Habits You Need in 2019



2019 should be all about personal growth and success. This is a hard goal to achieve due to the busy schedule each and every one of us has. Luckily, there are already those among us who have it figured out and are happy to share their secrets. Entrepreneurs are kind of like superheroes, as they manage to stay 
on top of their personal and work life without breaking a sweat. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t live by certain rules and nurture certain healthy habits. So let’s see what you need to be just like them. 

1. They Plan Ahead 


Nothing can be done without a coherent plan. When you’ve got a busy day ahead, you can’t rely on your memory to get you through it. Writing everything down is essential. Whether you prefer writing it down by hand or putting it on your phone is on you, but make sure to have physical evidence of all your daily errands and assignments. What some entrepreneurs do is they make a schedule for the upcoming day the night before. This way they can go to bed relaxed and prepared for the day to come. Others like waking up early and doing this task then. The quiet morning and the sounds of the city waking up help them focus and keep things in perspective, making it easier to devise an effective schedule. 

One tip entrepreneurs will give you for creating a to-do list is to 
prioritize your obligations. This way, you’ll do the most important things of the day, without feeling guilty if you fail to do the less important things. The most important thing to remember about keeping a schedule is not to overwork yourself and keep things balanced. 

2. They Go to Bed Early

Sleep is a must when you’re a busy individual with a lot on your plate. Without it, you’ll be less and less capable of completing your assignments and excelling at life. That’s why entrepreneurs make it a rule to go to bed early. Whatever you didn’t do today can be done tomorrow. Nothing is worth your rest and well-being. 

The thing is, your body heals most while you’re asleep. It processes 
stress better and helps relieve the tension in your muscles, leaving them less stiff and more relaxed. Let’s not forget that sleeping resets your mind, makes you fresh for the upcoming morning. Set a firm bedtime and stick to it, as this will train your body to sleep at a certain hour. If you’re having trouble adjusting your sleep schedule, you can try going to be an hour earlier each night until you get to your desired bedtime. 

3. They Watch What They Eat


In the mind of an entrepreneur, there’s a simple rule about food. Food is fuel. Thanks to it, they’re able to stay energized, motivated, and unstressed. You can’t do much if you’re drowsy, sleepy, and tired. An entrepreneur will make sure to have a healthy breakfast, filled with fiber and protein to start their day. 


Next, they’ll make sure to have a healthy homemade lunch involving fresh ingredients. Of course, there isn’t always time to cook when you’ve got a business to run and errands to complete. That being said, a serious entrepreneur will never sacrifice their health for their schedule which is why most of them opt for healthy delivery options such as My Muscle Chef. This way, you get to stay on track while ingesting the vitamins and protein you need to keep going. 

4. They Don’t Watch TV 

As crazy as it may sound to some people, entrepreneurs avoid watching TV. This is because TV is the junk food of entertainment. It fills your mind and sedates you, it doesn’t offer any real value, and it makes you sleepy and less productive. Of course, no one’s saying you can’t unwind with your favourite TV show on weekends, but you should generally avoid sitting in front of the screen if you don’t want to become a couch potato. 

Instead of watching TV, you should find another outlet for stress relief. Try taking a walk and let the fresh air fill your lungs, or unwind with a good book at home. This will let your body rest but will also have a positive and rejuvenating effect on your mind, allowing you to keep doing your best on a day to day basis. 


As you can see, being a superhero requires good organizational skills and constant care of your well-being. Even though this may sound like an impossible task, we’re sure you’re up to the challenge. Just think about how great your life is going to be in 2019 once you implement these habits into your daily routine. You might not be a real entrepreneur, but you’re surely on your way to becoming one.

Mianna Korben

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