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Every day we all try our best to feel good, maintain great energy, and with as little stress as possible. Things happen during each day that many times are frankly, out of our hands. It’s important to do certain things in order to keep your spirits up, feel uplifted, and ready to conquer the world. There are a few things I’m going to list in which will help you feel at your best throughout your day, and despite the everyday speed bumps or temporary stresses. These five ways that I’m about to list are ways that we can all benefit, and making them a regular and stable habit are essential when it comes to feeling great, maintaining great energy, and staying healthy and active on a regular basis.

Here’s the list:

1. Adequate REM Sleep:

If you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep every night, you won’t function as well, nor will you be on the top of your game throughout your day. Sleep is important when comes to making the most out of your day. But, uninterrupted, deep, REM sleep is imperative for being the best version of yourself. We simply cannot function well without it.

If you’ve ever noticed yourself getting cranky or moody, lack of sleep is usually one of the top culprits. As well, getting the right amount of sleep can play a major role when it comes to feeling motivated, going after your goals, and becoming successful. If you can, go to bed early and wake up to see the sun rise. In case you didn’t know, the early bird not only gets the worm, but it also gets a good dose of Vitamin D. Yes, it’s true that only a few minutes in the morning sun provides a person with a daily dose of Vitamin D.

2. Eat Healthily:

When it comes to eating, I’m a foodie, so I definitely like to indulge once in a while. But, I believe in moderation is the key to life. Therefore, although I eat what I want, I do so like the French would, in moderation. I don’t deprive myself of things that I crave. But, I don’t let myself get into any unhealthy habits of craving naughty foods all of the time.

I try to maintain a diet consisting of approximately 90% healthy and 10% naughty foods. You need to eat healthy foods not only to stay in shape and be healthier but to feel more energetic and alive. Eating a predominantly healthy diet will make you feel rejuvenated after you finish eating, instead of feeling groggy, deflated, overweight, and tired. I don’t promote overeating and getting overly full. However, if you do tend to overeat, you will notice the difference when you eat a lot of healthy food as opposed to unhealthy food.

3. Drink Water:

Drinking an adequate amount of water is an essential part of being healthy and feeling great. When we become dehydrated, our skin, hair, nails, and energy level declines. If you’ve ever noticed, when we become stressed out, our mouth gets drier, and or bodies naturally crave more water and liquids. We shouldn’t wait until the point of feeling thirsty before we drink water. If we wait to drink water only once we’ve become thirsty, we’ve given our bodies a chance to decline by becoming less focused, and with more chances of stress to arise.

4. Exercise and Stay Active:

Staying fit is great for many reasons. It’s important to do things that will keep you stably active and increase your heart rate. Staying in shape is obviously great for keeping your body looking it’s best. But, it’s also the best way to provide good health and longevity. We should all care how we look for ourselves, and always work on ourselves from the inside and the outside. This is why staying calm and stress-free is so imperative in life. Daily exercise is one of the best ways to increase endorphins and relieve stress. As we all know, less stress plus increased endorphins equal to a very happy person.

5. Drink Red Wine

I know what you must be thinking here. Anne Cohen is promoting the drinking of alcohol. It’s true, drinking red wine can be beneficial to people in many ways. It’s known that drinking 3/4 of a glass a day can relax you, lower cholesterol, and aid in cardiovascular care. As well as the fact that it contains many antioxidants, it also contains an ingredient called Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes. It’s known to contain fountain of youth properties. Resveratrol is known to help control blood sugar levels, prevent blood clots, prevent obesity, improve memory, and helps to maintain better focus. Consuming Resveratrol makes it so that our young fat cells don’t mature to their full extent. It blocks molecules from turning into fat. In other words, it helps to prevent obesity. However, you must drink in moderation. Over-kill with anything, even things that are good for you can cause harm when used in extreme. If you can’t drink red wine, grab a few handfuls of concord grapes, and it should do the trick.

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