How Badly Do You Want It


I always say that you can’t change the past. The past is dead and gone. You can only change what is now and the path that you choose to take. Our destiny is in our own hands. Whatever we all believe, whether it’s that our destiny is set for us or if we need to make our destiny our reality with tools that we’re given, it all boils down to one thing. How badly do we want it. When it comes to achieving greatness in life, how bad we want it should always be our main focus. Whether we’re trying to have success in finding true love and a partner, maintaining a successful relationship or marriage, raising strong and happy kids, building a new start up business, or succeeding in any other work or hobby, etc., the power is usually in our own hands.

How badly we want something is just words unless people are willing to strive towards their goals and work hard to maintain them. Having stable success usually doesn’t happen overnight. Like I’ve written before in “The Path to Success,” it takes effort, hard work, and strategy. It takes hard work, and many times falling down in order to get to your goal. If people pursue their goals, instead of sitting back, being lazy, and viewing their goals as dreams, they won’t achieve anything, but maybe a big belly. Sitting on your behind is the opposite of what everyone should be doing. Being active and staying productive are things that we should all instill into our minds and make a part of our daily lives. 

When I’ve browsed through some dating sites, many of them give an option to check off a box of how active someone is. How active someone is, meaning, are they the “get up and go type,” where they work out, go to work, take good care of themselves, and are always out and about, or are they the type that’s too lazy to take a walk, go outside, and living like a hermit crab. I’m not really sure why that’s even an option on a dating site, because who would want to be with a lazy person. Everyone should be able to check off very active (if they’re medically and physically able to).

Having an active lifestyle is imperative in having great success. Even if you’re a writer like me, you should still make time to do other things and get out of the house. Fitness and exercise are things that play a big role in whether or not people become successful and live to their greatest and fullest potential. Living a healthy lifestyle is beyond crucial for a successful person’s focus, mindset, and ability to think and function to their best ability.

When I used to write more about the Lakers (The Scoop), I always had one thought in mind when it came to both teams slacking on one end or another. I’m sure that you already know what that thought was. But, in case you don’t, I wondered, how badly do they really want to win. Many times when we’re in situations, we can’t see them as well as people that look in from the outside. This is one of the main reasons why many people go to counseling or therapy. When two teams are getting tired, not making their shots, or perhaps getting a lot of turnovers, etc., it always made me realize that the team who will win is the team that wants it more. When a team truly wants to win bad enough, they will indeed get the win. Winning takes time, effort, dedication, the will, and the know how.

Waking up one morning and deciding that today is the day that you’re going to achieve your goals and conquer the world is half of the battle. Once you get that feeling of inspiration and strength, you need to take it to play, and put those feelings into action. In sports, you need to get up early, practice, practice, practice, figure out where your weaknesses are, and work hard to improve them.

I highly recommend making a list. Write down what you hope to achieve, what it takes to achieve it, what you need to do, and what you might have to give up in order to get it. As well, write down possible bad consequences that you might run into down the line and how you hope to avoid them if possible. Set up a schedule for yourself after creating that list, follow through with it, and under no circumstances give up before attaining your goal. If you know what you want, figure out your game plan so to speak, so that you’ll get it. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time, your years, and your life, having achieved others things perhaps, but not what you truly wanted.

Don’t settle for getting whatever lays in front of you because you were too lazy or unwilling to put in the right amount of effort. If you want something to happen, make it happen. If you want something or someone bad enough, shoot for the stars. You have nothing to lose by trying and truly trying by putting in the right amount of effort and hard work. Change your less than active ways and your pessimistic or negative pattern of thinking, and realize that you can accomplish anything and everything if you really want to badly enough. The world is yours if you want it.

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