4 Great Looks That Aren’t Hoodies for Hoodie Weather



When the leaves start falling and the temperature drops, it’s time for your hoodie collection to come out of hiding. Although hoodies are the ultimate in fall comfort, they’re not exactly the height of fashion. Throwing on a hoodie might keep you warm, but it’s not a great look that will catch anyone’s eye. If you want to stay cozy in style, consider swapping your go-to hoodie for one of these four great looks.

1. Stay Classy with a Cardigan

Cardigans and fall weather go together like coffee and pumpkin spice. These stylish sweaters are perfect for layering and come in a variety of styles and weights to complement any outfit. If you love your favorite hoodie, try a colorful zip-front cardigan instead to take your casual look up a notch. Choose a lightweight button-up for the office or a heavy wrap-around for outdoor days at farmer’s markets and festivals. If you are worried about keeping your head warm, find some stylish hats to match your cardigan for even more great looks.

2. Dress Up with a Knit Blazer

A knit blazer is a more casual alternative to the traditional sport coat that looks just as good over a men’s ultra soft flowy tee or henley as it does over a dress shirt. You can iron your knit blazer for a polished, professional look or leave it wrinkled and pair with jeans and a casual tee. A heavy knit blazer is also a great alternative to a light jacket for late fall or early winter.

3. Pull-on a Pullover

If buttons and zippers aren’t your things, a soft pullover may be your perfect solution for sweater weather. Like cardigans, pullovers come in many different weights, materials, and styles. Layer a lightweight pullover over a collared dress shirt for a professional work look or try a v-neck over a t-shirt for something more casual. A thick wool pullover can keep you warm in style for outdoor events, like Friday night football games.

4. Get Cozy with Flannel

Flannel isn’t just for lumberjacks. While this soft, warm material is traditionally associated with checkered plaid and Paul Bunyan, today’s flannel comes in many stylish colors, prints, and styles. A flannel blouse can be a great work look or pair an oversized flannel shirt with leggings for a cute and comfy weekend style. An open-front flannel jacket with a swing hem is a trendy look for ladies this season. Even just wearing flannel over a t-shirt can be a great look for warmer fall days.

Although there are many fashionable alternatives, don’t toss out all your hoodies just yet. Sometimes it’s nice to curl up in your favorite sweatshirt, so keep a few around because hoodies still reign supreme for lazy days. The point isn’t that hoodies are bad, they’re great, but that fall opens up a world of fashion choices. While cold days can be miserable, you can find some joy for yourself by finding a variety of great looks to cozy up in. You don’t need to let the cold get you down. You can express your confidence to the world.


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