How to Elevate Your Winter Style



Even though Christmas is indeed a festive season and we all love it tremendously, it might be a challenging time for all the fashionistas out there. Summer and spring are definitely the seasons when you can literally make any outfit combination that you want, and fall is, on the other hand, a season which is run on the pastel colors that make fashion quite amazing. However, winter is neither here nor there, and finding the right clothes and feeling fashionable in winter is a bit of a difficult task. However, there are some ways in which you can elevate your winter style and bring your best winter game forward. Take a look:

Enjoy Some Turtlenecks


made their comeback a couple of seasons ago, and are definitely here to stay as every single person looks better while wearing a good turtleneck. You can choose any color and match it with elegant pants or a skirt and still look like you came out of a fashion magazine. The biggest winter style hit right now is the neon turtlenecks which look very unusual but, once matched with the rest of the regular outfit, create something completely unique and amazing.

Puffy Headband: The New Star

If you have been following fashion lately, then you couldn’t have missed the comeback of an accessory that was popular many years ago – the puffy headband. This
80’s/90’s classic has come back for the second round, and the craze after it is huge! This vintage piece is amazing as it compliments your outfit a bit, especially if you match it nicely with other pieces that you’re wearing. Apart from that, this is also an amazing way to show your hair – so if you have long and healthy hair, this is the accessory that you want to rock in the streets. Blair Waldorf much?

The Androgynous Style


Next up, there is always the option of rocking the androgynous style any time you do not know what to do with your own fashion. Nowadays it is not uncommon to be gender-fluid, so rocking loose-fitting clothes (for example, oversize suits, denim jackets, and oversized shirts) is the right way to go. This is a style that is neither masculine nor feminine, which means that it doesn’t conform to any specific gender. Apart from that, it is also a very playful way of rocking fashion and it can look incredible.

Accessorize It Up


What is also very important to know is that accessories can make any outfit more interesting. And the truth is that the spring and summer outfits do not always necessarily have to come with accessories as the looks can be quite amazing without them as well, but make sure that you always enrich your outfit combination with an accessory during the cold months.

Some people love bracelets and necklaces and rings, which is amazing, but there are those who simply do not think these accessories do them justice. But, even so, the majority of people love wearing watches, so make this your #1 accessory this summer.

In order to turn this into a fashion parade, you can choose a watch style that is very popular right now such as going with
the fashionable skeleton dial watches that can make your whole look much more interesting. Apart from that, a good watch makes any outfit better.

Can You Spare a Logo?


Logomania is not dying out – it is more popular than ever. And yes, we might be seeing a lot more logos in the months that are hot, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot rock them in winter as well. The obsession with logos is one that is constant, so find as many sweatshirts and jumpers as you can that feature a certain logo and make them your favorite pieces this winter.

Snakes on Your Feet

It might be very sad when you’re wearing a great piece of clothing but you cannot show it as it’s getting warm under a coat or a jacket. However, there is that piece of clothing that is always visible, no matter the season, and that is exactly why you have to pay special attention to it. Footwear matters a lot, yes, and if you want something quite fashionable right now, make sure that you opt for shoes with the pattern of snakeskin. From boots to sandals, this is the pattern that you want to memorize.

Yes, winter might be a tricky time for you to unleash the fashion monster, but if you choose the right pieces of clothing and emphasize them, you can really do wonders for winter style fashion.


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