4 Helpful Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Aging Parents’ Home



Mom and Dad are getting up there in years, and they are not as efficient at cleaning and maintaining their home as they used to be. So, you have decided to help them to deep clean their house. From the looks of things, this is going to be a huge project that will involve a lot of elbow grease. The following are four tips to help you with your deep cleaning efforts to help the whole process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Involve Your Parents

While you will be doing most of the heavy lifting and cleaning, it is important to remember that this is still your parent’s home. The last thing you want to do is to remove items without their input in the process. Giving them a say in what stays or goes will help to keep everything amicable, and it will also give them an opportunity to make critical decisions of how they want to proceed through the cleaning and reorganization process along the way. If you want to involve them more, ask if they have a particular way of cleaning certain spaces or items so that things are done more to their liking.

2. Assess the Situation

Before jumping in and cleaning your aging parent’s home, you will need to go through the house and assess which areas of the home will require the most attention. Are the closets cram-packed with junk? Is the kitchen a filthy mess and the pantry filled with expired food? Also, it is a good idea to decide who will be right to assign to which cleaning jobs for the best results. As you clean it could be a good idea to take inventory of valuable items with your parents so that they are aware of what they have.

3. Start in the Garage

Deep cleaning should begin in the garage, because you may need storage space to hold items from other areas of the house. Once you help your parents to decide which items they want to keep and which they want to toss, then you can have a better idea of how much space the garage will leave you for storage purposes. You will also need to organize smaller items and tools on hooks, in baskets, and on shelves for better overall organization.

4. Efficiently Removing Trash

Your parents may not be as good about taking out the trash and discarding items like when they were younger. Their house may be full of trash and clutter that needs to be removed in the cleaning process. One easy way to accomplish this task is with the help of
waste management for hire service. This is especially helpful if there are a lot of large items that need to be removed from the home and hauled away.

Thanks to your hard work and persistence, your parent’s home has not looked this good in a long time. The floors shine, the rooms are organized and the place even smells a ton better too. Now that everything is finished, it is time to treat the entire family to a nice meal and talk about a few happy memories that will put a smile on your aging parent’s faces.


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