Upgrades You Can Make to Your House for Your Aging Loved Ones



When you have aging loved ones in your home, there are many areas of the house that can be inconvenient or difficult to navigate. Your family members may feel limited with the different tasks they can perform while spending time on the property. Fortunately, there are a few upgrades you can make to improve the functionality of your house in order to put your aging loved ones at ease.

Add a Ramp

Adding a ramp is necessary to ensure seniors can enter and exit the home without trying to use the stairs, which can put their safety at great risk whenever it’s rainy or snowy outside. A ramp is useful when they use a wheelchair or a walker and can provide them with more independence without relying on other people to assist them.

Install Safety Features in the Shower

The shower can be one of the most dangerous areas of the home on account of this is where a lot of slips and falls happen as your loved one bathes. Install additional safety features to help them have the support they need. A slipmat should be placed on the bottom of the shower to help them have more traction under their feet on a wet surface. A handrail that is installed in the shower can also allow them to feel more secure as they get in and out, while a seat can be placed in the shower to help them feel more comfortable.

Purchase a Lift Chair

Although your aging loved one may feel comfortable and at ease sitting in a comfortable chair during the day while reading or watching television, it can be difficult for them to have the physical strength to stand up when it’s time to move around. A lift chair, something specially made to help your loved ones stand up or ease themselves down, can be sought from specific furniture lines like Pride Mobility Viva Power Lift Chairs. These are great investments that can help them to have assistance sitting and standing up. It can also help you to avoid injuries when you’re attempting to lift them up, which can often lead to back strain.

Home Automation

Many older adults have difficulty getting around, which can make it challenging if they struggle to remember if the doors are locked or access certain lights that need to be turned on each day. Home automation can allow them to control many of the home’s features to ensure they can reduce their energy usage and operate everything from a smartphone or device from the comfort of a chair. This can also offer peace of mind if they can’t remember if they locked the doors or left the garage door open.

You can make many upgrades to your house to ensure it’s accommodating for an older adult who might need a bit more help getting around. With the right investments, they can remain independent in their own home and have more confidence navigating the place even when left to their own devices.


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