Your Own Personal Oasis: Making Your Home a Sanctuary



Your home should enable you to isolate yourself from the outside worries, its noise, and challenges. Your home should be your oasis but know this – it won’t become that way on its own; you need to make sure it happens. Here are the choices you should make to turn it into a sanctuary.

Outsource Some Chores

If you spend too much of your free time doing mundane chores around your home, consider outsourcing some of them. Chores like laundry, landscaping, or cleaning can be done by others. Hire someone who will make your life easier – a maid, a gardener, or someone to do your laundry – just imagine the feeling of coming back home to a tended lawn a clean house. That gives you a chance to dedicate some time to your loved ones and yourself.

Declutter Every Room

You build a home of your own by filling it with things you love and cherish. However, after a while, you start cluttering it with too many things, losing those precious items out of sight. Soon, you won’t feel as relaxed in your home as before because it became a place to put away unnecessary stuff.

Be cruelly realistic – there are probably a lot of excessive belongings lying around and collecting dust. It’s time to get rid of them – donate them, regift them, or throw some of them away. Allow the good energy to flow around your home again.

Ensure Peace and Relaxation

There are many ways to bring peace into your home and make it a relaxing oasis.

First of all, you should introduce pleasant hues inside your home, such as blue and green, especially their cool shades. Of course, there are other colors to try out, like mocha, peach, or taupe. See what pleases you and introduce them not only through the color of the walls but through the decorative elements around your home.

Another way to bring serenity inside your home is to ensure you’re protected from the outside noise. You want to feel relaxed inside your home so no outside murmur and chaos of sounds should prevent you from doing that. Installing double glazed windows will not only reduce medium and high-frequency noises from the outside but it will also lead to more energy efficiency.

Light is yet another factor contributing to a restful and pleasant atmosphere inside your home. Natural light is always better than the artificial one, so it’s important to ensure there’s natural light inside the home most of the day – open your windows and use sheer curtains. When the light begins to fade, opt for lanterns, candles, and string lights inside your home – they create a soft, relaxing light and cozy atmosphere. This is also important at bedtime because this type of light will help you fall asleep more easily.

Lastly, don’t forget to introduce the sound of water into your home. It’s incredibly soothing, especially in apartments of busy cities. Simply playing this sound over your laptop or hi-fi will do wonders. In case you have a garden, installing a small fountain will suffice to mask the sounds outside your property.


Start Meditating

Meditation has been a way to reach inner peace for ages, and the best thing about it is that absolutely anyone can do it. You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to meditate successfully for a couple of minutes.

The important thing is to create a spot in your home where you can meditate without any interruptions. It can even be a whole room if you have that luxury. The spot needs to be relaxing and comfortable, without excessive stuff.

Meditation is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety and practicing it inside your home is double-rewarding. You get to feel relaxed through meditation and you’re doing it at home, which enhances the feeling of peace and relaxation even more. Explore different techniques of meditation and see what works for you.

Disconnect from Work

If you work from an office, it’s important to be disconnected from work when you get home. You need to associate your home with pure relaxation and peace. Still, if you work from home, it’s crucial you create a designated place for working, preferably a room that you can leave and not visit until the next working day.

Either way, you should turn off all work-related apps on your phone and laptop. Don’t let work tasks steal your precious free time at home. Teach yourself that once you get home, you are free from work and devote yourself to the ones you love and your own rest.

Final Words

Home can be as effective a sanctuary as you want it to. Pour your heart into decorating it and organizing your life inside of it – and you’ll realize it’s slowly turning into your personal oasis, keeping you relaxed and protected from the outside world.

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